[PSVITA / SWITCH] HODE 0.2.9 Released For Nintendo Switch And PS Vita

If you are looking for some nice game to pass the time the developer usineur has released a new update of HODE with the new version 0.2.9.hode is a reimplementation of the engine used by the game “Heart of Darkness” developed by Amazing Studio.

Data file:

The original data files of the Windows versions (Demo or CD) are required.

– hod.paf (hod_demo.paf, hod_demo2.paf)
– setup.dat
– * _hod.lvl
– * _hod.sss
– * _hod.mst


By default, the engine will try to load files from the current directory
and start the game from the first level.

These default settings can be changed using the command line options:

Usage: hode [OPTIONS]…
–datapath = PATH Path to data files (default ‘.’)
–Savepath = PATH Path to save files (default ‘.’)
–Level = NUM ​​Start at NUM level
–checkpoint = NUM ​​Starts at the NUM checkpoint

The display and engine settings can be configured in the ‘hode.ini’ file.

Game progress is saved in “setup.cfg”, similar to the original engine.


The Settings submenu is not implemented.

You can use the PSX version data files but not the
decoded background overlays (MDEC) and the menu is not available.


  • Switch
    • Create the directory /switch/hode
    • Copy all data files into it (see README.txt)  hode.nroandhode.ini
    • Enjoy yourselves
  • Life
    • Install  hode.vpkusing VitaShell
    • Copy all the data files (see README.txt) and  hode.iniintoux0:data/hode
    • Edit  hode.iniand set the  scale_factorvalue to  1  and  fullscreenon  true
    • Enjoy yourselves


Move Andy Left D-pad or left joystick Left D-pad or left joystick
To run A or ZR X
jump B OR
Use weapon / power Y
Skip scene / menu access + or – START or Select