[PSVITA] Vita Homebrew Browser (Vhbb) V0.92 Released

Developer Devnoname120 has released a new update of  Vita Homebrew Browser in version 0.92. If you are looking for the best emulators, applications, games and utilities of the PsVita scene, this application is a store (from the API of  the developer Rinnegatamante’s vitadb site  ) that contains a lot of very useful homebrews to enrich your Psvita with Henkaku. ‘ only limit is your memory card.


– Make sure you are connected to a WiFi network before launching them.
– The first launch of the application can take a long time (up to 2 minutes depending on the speed of your connection). Be patient, even if it seems stuck, you just need to wait! 🙂
– Homebrews that require an additional data folder are not yet supported.

Coming soon:
– More information on homebrews and in the download window.
– Image browser.
– Faster application launch (due to multi-threaded background downloads.)
– Plugin support!
– Ability to cancel a download / installation.
– Application update and control.
– Greater stability.
– Opensource release! I want this to become a community project.


V 0.92

Fixed crash on startup  no. 75

V 0.91
  • Corrects the extraction of icons n. 66
V 0.90
  • Support for automatic VHBB update. No need to manually download the latest version now!
  • Added search functionality to find specific homebrews.
  • Opening VHBB when connected to a hotspot will now redirect to the connection page.
  • Improve button navigation. You can now go to the list by holding down the down button.
  • Added joystick support to move around lists.
  • Corrects the download progress bar by jumping to certain downloads.
  • Various stability improvements.

Most of the changes in this version are made by  @robsdedude  . Thanks a lot to him!

V 0.83
  • Fixed crash when trying to load an invalid icon or screenshot.
  • Click on “Click here for debug logs” on livearea to write the debug logs on  ux0:/log/. I remind you that VHBB must be completely closed before clicking on this button or this will not work.
V 0.82
  • TLS 1.2 support (fix network error when downloading from bintray.com)
V 0.81

Fixes a crash when clicking on some homebrews

V 0.8
  • Support for additional data for homebrews 
  • The progress of the installation is now more fluid
  • New download dialog graphics
  • Added open button to open already installed homebrews
  • A precise error is displayed if the installation fails
  • The selection through the homebrews now flashes
  • The API now uses SSL for greater security
  • Fixed problem when installing vhbb by itself
  • Many other improvements and corrections