[PSVITA] VitaGrafix Configurator V3.0 Released

After the update of the  Electry developer VitaGrafix plugin a few weeks ago, the developer Kirezar has released a new update of VitaGrafix Configurator in version 3.0. VitaGrafix Configurator is a homebrew with GUI created with lpp-vita di Rinnegatamante, which helps to configure with much simplicity the various resolution options available in a given game, such as internal resolution and framerate.

Warning: Update to this version as it includes future app version checks, if you don’t update it won’t allow you to download a list of games with new features like multiple dynamic resolutions.


  • To manually update the game list, download the latest game list and replace the file in the ux0: / data / VitaGrafix folder.
  • Then open the versions.txt file and change the version number of the list to the most recent one.


After opening the app, if you don’t have a config.txt file   on  ux0: / data / VitaGrafix  or it hasn’t been updated to the latest version, the app will do it for you. You will be greeted by a VitaGrafix settings screen, which contains the override settings for Enabled and OSD


  • Up and Down on the DPAD:  move the selection up or down
  • Cross:
    • If the selected button is “Enable” or “OSD”, this will be activated or deactivated (If marked with an X, then it will be On, if empty, then Off)
    • If the button selected is the “Internal resolution” button, the app will open the keyboard where you can type the desired internal resolution. This resolution can be anything with a width between 0 (exclusive) and 960 (inclusive), and a height between 0 (exclusive) and 544 (inclusive) and must follow the format: WxH. The Internal Resolution mod can also be set to “OFF” by entering it in the text field.
    • If the button selected is the Save Config button, it will save the entire configuration.
  • Left and Right on the DPAD:
    • If the selection is in the list of games, it will scroll through the games
    • If the selection is on Framebuffer or FPS, it will cycle through the modes available for those options
  • Triangle:  if the selection is on one of the fields that have text (default 🙂 in front of them, it will set those fields to the default value
  • L and R:  move the game list (same as left and right, but without the need to select the game list)


After setting the options to your liking, press the Save Config button


Not all available options may be compatible with each game, refer to  the compatibility chart on the VitaGrafix github page



  • Added support for VitaGrafix 5.0+

Don’t forget to keep patchlist.txt up to date on  https://github.com/Electry/VitaGrafixPatchlist


  • MSAA option added for compatible games
  • Games sorted alphabetically again
  • Show only installed games option
  • Safeguard against crashes when patchlist.txt file is not copied correctly.
  • Fixed some small bugs


  • Support for VitaGrafix 4.0

With this added support, the app now reads from your patchlist.txt file, this also means that I have removed the update options, since it is not now up to me to offer the update (and because PSVita does not support TLS 1.2 by default, you can’t download from github)


  • Updated to VitaGrafix 3.2, support for multiple dynamic resolutions (as in Wipeout 2048).


  • Added the ability to update the game list for future versions of VitaGrafix via Wi-Fi.
  • Game list updated to 3.1


  • Added support for the pre-release of VitaGrafix 2.4


Before using this tool, install the plugin manually  VitaGrafix.suprx or automatically with Autoplugin