[PSVITA] VitaVoyager V.0.7 Released

The developer Rinnegatamante has released for the joy of Star Trek Voyager fans, a new vitaVoyager update with the new version 0.7.vitaVoyager is a port of lilium-voyager, a fork of ioquake3 made to be compatible with the multiplayer mode of Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force.

How to use higher resolutions:

To use higher resolutions to improve the graphic quality, edit the r_mode file in hmconfig with the following parameter:

0 = 480 × 272
1 = 640 × 368
2 = 720 × 408
3 = 960 × 544 La

default resolution (for best performance) is 480 × 272.


DPad or Left analog = Move the character
Right analog / Touchscreen = Move camera
L = Objective
R = Shoot
cross = Jump
square = crouched
Circle = Use
triangle object = Change weapon of use
Start = Pause
Select = Show score

How to install:

To play it, you need to insert the pak * .pk3 files from your Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force installation in ux0: data / voyager / baseEF.
The demo file is NOT supported.
To use the CD key, just transfer the efq3.key file to the same place.


– Optimized rendering code.
– Huge performance increase thanks to vitaGL corrections.
– Added complete holomatch data files in the downloadable package (Base game is no longer required)


vitaVoyager v.0.7

vitaVoyager v.0.7 data