[PSVTV] Released A New Update Of The Sharpscale Plugin: Fix Errors And Much More

Once again, the talented developer cuevavirus powered by the CBPS forum has released a new plugin update that solves the puzzle (a bounty organized by Rinnegatamante) of the native resolution on PSVITA TV called Sharpscale. Sharpscale offers the following two features:

  • 720p: Generates the size of the native 960 × 544 framebuffer with black borders
  • 1080i: scale the framebuffer to 1920 × 1088 and cut the bottom 8 lines
  • Full scaling is therefore possible up to 1440p and 4k.

This is the only method for capturing native resolution video with accurate colors at 60 fps. A hardware acquisition kit for Vita was previously available from Japan for $ 450 USD, but due to changes in Japanese laws, this is no longer available. The resizing test program shows horizontal and vertical lines 1 pixel wide alternating between white and black. If patterns are observed, scaling was performed incorrectly, as in all output modes without this plugin.

Update 06-04-2020

Sharpscale has been updated with new features: all framebuffer sizes are now supported and two configurable options are now available.

Scaling mode
Original: system default
Integer: scaling integer up to the maximum size suitable for display resolution
Real: no scaling is performed

Bilinear filter On
: system default
Off: nearest neighbor

Here are some recommended configurations for several cases:

Games: full bilinear off
Games with variable framebuffer size: original bilinear on
HDMI capture: real
Media: original bilinear activated

For adrenaline and PS1 games, disable any built-in resizing via the adrenaline options or the quick (official) menu options.

The configuration is provided by a text file in ur0: /data/sharpscale/config.txt containing two numbers separated by a space.

Resize mode
0 original
1 integer
2 real
Bilinear filter
0 off
1 on

For example, to use full mode and disable the bilinear filter, write “1 0” in the text file.


  • For installation, Autoplugin 2 is sufficient or manually as explained below:
  • Download the file at the end of the article and insert it in the ur0: tai folder
  • Add the following string in ur0’s config.txt file: tai as in the example below

ur0: tai / sharpscale.skprx

Changelog 09-04-2020

– Fixed a bug where some PS1 games had a black screen in 1080i
– Centered the framebuffer when clipping occurred
– Enabled “display area settings” in original mode


Video output size comparison: