Release: ESP8266XploitHost with 6.72 Jailbreak support

A couple days ago, scene veteran c0d3m4st4 released ESP8266XploitHost 2.84, which supports firmware 6.72, with some of the latest updates from Sleirsgoevy.

For those who are not familiar with the ESP8266, it’s a tiny programmable device that ships with a Wifi chip, making it suitable to host a tiny server accessible by wifi. It can get powered via USB which makes it a perfect solution for those who want to host a PS4 webkit-based jailbreak without a lot of hassle. I wrote a lengthy article about that device a while ago here.

To use the ESP8266 to host the latest 6.72 jailbreak, you’ll simply need an ESP8266 device, and the files from c0d3m4st4. The files ship with a lengthy pdf doc that explains how to install the exploit files onto your ESP8266, or you can follow my tutorial here (making sure to replace the 5.05 exploit files with this new release from c0d3m4st4 of course!).

Once everything is installed on the device, you can plug it to one of your PS4’s usb ports and it will start. From there, you only have to connect your PS4 to the ESP8286 Wifi, then open the PS4’s user guide 🙂

Download ESP8266XploitHost 2.84

c0d3m4st4 has shared a MEGA folder here with all the recent updates. Make sure to get the latest one, then follow our tutorial here.