[SWITCH] Fluffy V2.9.1 Released

New Fluffy update by the developer fourminute with a new version 2.9.1 that is compatible with Goldleaf 0.6. If you are looking for a fast solution to install NSP files without removing your MicroSD, Fluffy is a tool developed with Python compatible with MacOS , linux and windows that allows you to install NSP files from a PC to a Nintendo Switch, with a fairly simple GUI to use. I also remind you that Fluffy requires  Python 3, PyUSB and Zadig and supports Tinfoil and Goldleaf.


  • Support for XorTroll / Goldleaf and Adubbz / Tinfoil
  • USB and network installation, transfer speed display in MB / s and percentage of progress.
  • USB and network installation, displays the current NSP installed.
  • Transfer mode between “Normal” and “Safe”.
  • Smart User-Interface, switches from Tkinter to PyQt depending on the modules installed. (  v1.4.1 and following only  )
  • Support for resizing the user interface on 4K, 1080P and 720P screens.
  • Show the current NSP installed.
  • Individual NSP selection (suggested by:  Shadowhand  , thank you!).
  • Progress bar.
  • Change the connected indicator.
  • 5.x USB Fix (thanks to  satelliteseeker  )

Install Python

  • Download and install Python 3 from  https://www.python.org/downloads/  . Make sure no previous version of Python is installed and you don’t use the 64-bit version of Python 3. This may cause a “PyUSB not found” error.

Install PyUSB, LibUSB, PyQt5 and QDarkStyle

  • Open Terminal / Command-line / CMD and execute the following:
  • pip3 installs qdarkstyle
  • pip3 installs pyqt5
  • pip3 installs pyusb
  • pip3 installs libusb

Additional MacOS instructions

  • brew install libusb  (For more information on brew, go to  https://brew.sh/  )

Install TinFoil on your Switch

  • These steps apply to all custom firmware. This includes but is not limited to: Kosmos, ReINX, SXOS, etc.
  • Download  recommended TinFoil
  • Copy and paste ”  TinFoil.nro  ” in a folder called “Switch” (  create it  if necessary) in the root of your SD card.

How to use it

Complete beginner? No problem.

  • First, follow the installation steps above. Done? Let’s continue!
  • On your Switch with custom firmware open TinFoil> Title Management> USB Install NSP
  • Double-click Fluffy.pyw to start it
  • Click on “Select NSP” and select the NSP number you want to install.
  • If “Switch Detected!” Is visible. Click on “Send header”.
  • On your Switch, select and install the NSPs.

Troubleshooting tips

Why do I keep getting the error: “USBCore No Backend Available”?

Answer: This can be caused by 1-2 things.

  1. NOT ALL USB TYPE C CABLES ARE THE SAME  . Some just don’t work with the Switch. If your Switch connects, it often disconnects, then reconnects again, etc. Or if you get this error, it’s very likely you’ll need a new USB type-C cable.
  2. LibUSB was not found. Install it with “pip3 install libusb”.

Why does the network installation fail?

Answer: the network installation is an error depending on the configuration. Try forwarding port 2000 to your router and disable the firewall. Make sure the Switch and PC are on the same network.

PyUSB not found and I followed all the steps!

Answer:  Fluffy only works with the 32-bit version of Python 3.  Also make sure no previous versions of Python are installed. If necessary, uninstall them. For example, if you have Python 3.6.6 and Python 3.7.2 installed at the same time, Fluffy can launch this error.

What kind of cable does the switch use?

Answer: USB cable type C. However, not all USB Type C cables are the same. Some will not be compatible with the Switch.

Does Fluffy work on MacOS and Linux?

Answer: absolutely! Python is cross-platform and therefore Fluffy should work on both operating systems.

Which custom firmware works best with Fluffy and TinFoil?

Answer: everyone will work the same way. This depends on you.

Why does my installation keep crashing and / or crashing?

Answer: Change the transfer mode to “Secure”.

Do you still have problems? You could create a bug report on this GitHub page to request assistance.

Disclaimer: The “Pink Donut” design was designed by fourminute exclusively for Fluffy and has no copyright. Even the font used in “intro.png” is 100% rights-free.



  • Added : Goldleaf compatibility v0.6
    • Including all file management features.
  • Added  : Goldleaf: file access security.
    • The default protections help protect users from a potentially compromised Goldleaf file.
    • Default setting: file operations like file creation, deletion, renaming will result in a user prompt (yes or no).
    • Default: read-only access to all files.
    • Default: read / write to non-NSP files is limited.
    • All these security restrictions are editable in fluffy.conf.
  • Added  : Windows Executable (.exe), should help many users who have difficulty running Fluffy.
  • Added  : Information on the dialog box with the list of credits, find your name there!
  • Fixed  : scaling problems with the Fluffy logo on some resolutions.
  • Fixed  : improved installation failed. Elimination of the correct thread.
  • Fixed : improved multi-threading. All threads are now demon.
  • Fixed  : no more false error messages when canceling an activity.
  • Fixed  : usb.core.NoBackendError: Restores network mode, stops crash.
  • Resolved  : The Dark Mode checkbox will remain checked despite being disabled in some scenarios.
  • Modified  : config and log files for Linux users now stored in the $ HOME.fluffy folder.
  • Miscellaneous  : revision of the code. Significantly more object-oriented. Improved registration and exception handling. So many changes. Such a wow.

Special note  : this is the largest version with  1.5k lines of code changed!


  • Added  : Goldleaf v0.5 Compatibility (thanks  friedkeenan  !)
  • Added  : Bahasa Indonesia Translation (thanks  wendyliga  !)
  • Fixed  : MacOS: “non-ASCII character” error (Thanks  AD2076  !)
  • Fixed  : PFS0 does not close the file object.
  • Miscellaneous  : code cleaning and slight modification to the way Goldleaf handles USB communications.


  • Fixed during device disconnection with some features incompatible with some systems.


  • Added  : support for German language (translation:  TheLastZombie  , thank you!)
  • Fixed  : Goldleaf: consecutive installations are in error.
  • Fixed  : Goldleaf: improved ticket installation stability.
  • Fixed  : when an error is generated, the IP text boxes re-activate during USB installation.
  • Fixed  : Italian: typing in the list of languages.
  • Miscellaneous  : better configuration file (thanks to  YoyPa  !)


  • Added  : multilingual support! Now includes Chinese (translation:  Sev73n  ) and Vietnamese. Thanks  Sev73n  for your contribution!
  • Added  : Ability to interrupt a queued installation.
  • Fixed  : additional file path fixes.

MacOS  users  install Tkinter for this version. The use of Tkinter was inevitable due to a bug in previous versions. Run ”  brew reinstall python –with-tcl-tk  “.

Windows and Linux users: Tkinter should already be included in the Python3 installation.


  • Added  : exception handling for all types of installation. Fluffy will no longer hang when an installation fails.
  • Added  : Possibility to install more games after failed or successful installation. A restart is no longer required.
  • Fixed  : no longer dependent on binascii.
  • Fixed  : Network: now it will select a random port when it serves to repair failed association error.
  • Fixed  : significantly less CPU usage. Better thread management.


  • Added  : Goldleaf: displays the current name of the NCA.
  • Added  : Displays the inactive NSP queue.
  • Fixed  : less restrictive file filter.
  • Fixed  : no longer dependent on QDarkStyle.
  • Fixed  : the NCA count was sometimes displayed incorrectly.


  • Added  : Goldleaf: Deepening of PFS0 and Goldleaf communications.
  • Fixed  : shebang amiguity. Thanks Zer0t3ch


  • Addition  : Network: IP host option.
  • Fixed  : Goldleaf: Ticket failed to write, causing some NSPs to hang during installation.
  • Miscellaneous  : code cleaning.

Note:  MacOS users are now reporting the successful use of Fluffy after version 2.0. Although this version does not contain many changes. The Goldleaf correction guarantees an immediate update.


  • Added  : Goldleaf: transfer mode now selectable.
  • Fixed  : Goldleaf: transfer speed significantly improved.
  • Fixed  : Pathlib and Tkinter are no longer necessary dependencies.
  • Fixed  : Crashing on Arch / Manjaro (cr: YoyPa)
  • Modified  : text “Switch detected” on Aqua.


  • Added  : Goldleaf: displays for current transfer speed, nsp and nec number.
  • Added  : Goldleaf: progress bar by current nec.
  • Fixed  : Goldleaf: transfer rates improved significantly.
  • Fixed  : Fluffy no longer produces temporary files: tmp_fluffy_0.
  • Fixed  : QDarkStyle is no longer needed to start Fluffy. (But still recommended).


  • Added  : Network installation! With display for transfer speed and percentage of progress.
  • Added  : Network installation: custom port option.
  • Added  : Network installation: displays the progress of the current NSP count.
  • Added  : USB and network installation: displays the current NSP name installed.
  • Fixed  : network installation problem: “Unable to retrieve header”
  • Fixed  : network installation problem: process refused to close post network installation.
  • Fixed  : Occasional and rare case of incorrect NSP counting.
  • Modified  : “Pink Donut” has been replaced by a new smaller logo.
  • Modified  : “Transfer speed” now shows “USB transfer mode”


  • Added  : network installation with transfer speed and progress bar.
  • Miscellaneous  : the “pink donut” was changed to a smaller “pink donut”.


  • Added  : Now shows the installation speed in MB / s.
  • Added  : transfer mode function. Switchable between “Normal” and “Safe”.
  • Fixed  : improved resizing.
  • Fixed  : error in the collection request.
  • Fixed  : the register filled with errors “Division by zero”.
  • Fixed  : list box too small for item entries, set minimum height.
  • Miscellaneous  : Tkinter is no longer supported on this version due to stability issues. If you want to use Tkinter, use v1.4.1 or later.
  • Miscellaneous  : automated closure removed after installation.


  • Added  : support for resizing the user interface on 4K and 1080p resolutions.
  • Added  : countdown after installation completed until automatic exit.
  • Fixed  : Fluffy refused to go out.
  • Fixed  : unsafe cross-thread management of PyQt elements.
  • Miscellaneous  : the variables and functions have been renamed for better readability.


  • Added  : redesigned user interface! To take advantage of this new user interface, you need to install pyqt5 and qdarkstyle. Install these modules with “pip3 install pyqt5” ​​and “pip3 install qdarkstyle”. Please note that this new user interface is 100% optional! Fluffy will still work without these installed modules!
  • Fixed  : Fluffy crashed when “icon.ico” was not in the folder. The icon file is no longer needed.
  • Miscellaneous  : the “Select folder” button now shows “Select NSP”
  • Miscellaneous  : the status label now shows “Waiting for selection”.


  • Added  : Support for selecting individual NSPs (suggested by:  Shadowhand  , thank you!)
  • Miscellaneous  : now shows “Loading NSP X” during the NSP selection process.
  • Miscellaneous  : “Open Folder” changed to “Select NSPs”