[SWITCH] Kosmos V12.99 [PRE-RELEASE] Released With Pegascape

After the release of Atmosphere 0.91 with full firmware support 8.1.0 , the tumGER developer released a new version 12.99 of Kosmos along with a package with Pegascape for patched console consoles with firmware 1.0.0-3.0.0 or 4.0. 1-4.1.0 . This solution is nothing more than SDFilesSwitch a point of reference for the Nintendo Switch console a package that includes all the files necessary for the execution of hekate, SwitchBlade or LayeredFS and a custom firmware such as Atmosphere in addition to very homebrew useful as Goldleaf, AppstoreNX, EdiZon, LayeredFS Hekate and SDFileUpdater compatible with various versions of Nintendo Switch firmware. The package can be customized through this web pageof the developer. Warning: to upgrade to this new version in case you already have Kosmos you must first delete the following folders from your microSD / atmosphere / bootloader / modules / sept


  • Updated package
  • Firmware start and suspension mode for each firmware
  • Starting the games after starting the working Homebrew Menu
  • Splash Screens and immediate launch (SwitchBlade)
  • Game Mod (LayeredFS Hekate)
  • An FTP server in the background
  • Atmosphere

How to use it

  1. Download  Hekate  or use the payload provided with the package
  2. Download the  latest version  for your chosen bootloader and extract it to the root of your SD card switch
  3. Start the payload of your choice via eg. Fusée Gelée  ,  TegraRcmSmash  or  WebCFWLoader
  4. Finished!


– Atmosphere fork – Homebrew Menu – Homebrew Loader – AppstoreNX – EdiZon – KosmosUpdater – Sys-FTPD – Sys-netcheat – Hekate – Checkpoint – Ldn_mitm – Goldleaf



  • Updated ldn_mitm
  • Emuiibo updated
  • Updated lockpick and lockpick_RCM

If you want Atmosphere support or the latest 8.1 firmware, download the zip file 8.1. This contains a Hekate profile for performing temporary chainload on fusee-primary.

Pegascape v12.99

To get ahead with the launch of PegaScape, download the PegaScape zip for:

  • Caffeine
  • Nereba
  • Reboot to RCM
  • Fake News Injector

You can learn more about PegaScape here:  https://pegascape.sdsetup.com



For Nintendo Switch consoles with firmware 1.0.0-3.0.0 or 4.0.1-4.1.0