[SWITCH] SkyNX 1.3 Released [AGGX2]

Developer DevL0rd has released a new SkyNX update with a new version 1.2.SkyNX allows you to play your PC games on Nintendo Switch as if it were a WiiU gamepad at 60fps


  • Stream PC games with audio for 60fps!
  • Manages up to 8 JoyCon pairs. (8 players simultaneously!)
  • Motion Control support for Cemu.
  • Optionally disable the video to use JoyCons as remote controls on PC!
  • Optionally disable audio.
  • Optionally swaps A and BEX and Y.
  • Manages basic touch inputs.
  • Manages the right click. (Touch with 1 finger, touch with the second)
  • Scroll the handles. (The standard 2-finger scroll.)



  1. Copy the switch folder to SkyNX.zip, to the root of your SD card.
  2. Install the file with an nsp installer like Goldleaf.
  3. Extract SkyNXStreamer-win32-ia32.zip to a safe place.
  4. Set the desktop and game resolution to 1280 X 720. (Significantly improves latency to match the resolution of the switch.)
  5. Open SkyNXStreamer-win32-ia32 / SkyNXStreamer.exe
  6. Launch SkyNX on the Nintendo switch.
  7. Enter the IP shown in the app in the streamer.
  8. Click Start Streamer.


  • Added support for up to 8 players.
  • Press LS + RS to activate mouse control.
  • Gyroscope mouse sanding.
  • Always tap enabled regaurdless of the input method.
  • Small latency improvements.
  • Fixed stream ending with HID packet size too small. It should resolve the random end of the flow.

Known Issues

  • The app freezes suspended atmosphere if it doesn’t scroll through the HB menu.
  • Audio problems in docked mode on some systems, not all though …
  • Overclocking not overclocking on atmosphere 11.1
  • Added latency with Nvidia Encoder