[SWITCH] Switch Army Knife (SAK) V0.7.4

If you are looking for an all-in-one tool for Windows, very useful for Nintendo Switch consoles, it comes from the developer Kempa aka dezem, Switch Army Knife with a new version 0.7.4. The tool in question allows you to split / merge XCI , convert from XCI to NSP (or vice versa), compress XCI to XCZ and many other features listed below. I remember that this tool is in beta version some bugs are always present


  • Divide / Merge XCI
  • Update XCI with game update and dlc
  • Convert XCI to NSP
  • Compress XCI to XCZ
  • Unzip XCZ to XCI
  • Extract the firmware from XCI
  • Patch NSP
  • Divide / Merge NSP
  • Update NSP with game update and dlc
  • Convert NSP to XCI
  • Compress NSP to NSZ
  • Unzip NSZ in NSP
  • Extract the Switch saves that you copied from your user partition
  • Format the SD card in FAT32


  • Added new “Update NSP with game update” feature
  • hactoolnet updates to the new version 0.8.0