[SWITCH] Switch Backup Manager V1.2.2 Released

After almost 9 months, the GibaBR developer who released a new version of Switch Backup Manager 1.2.2. Switch Backup Manager is a tool to better manage the backups of your Nintendo Switch that allows you to have a constantly updated database of all the games divided by region, firmware required and manage game files locally or via the SD card.

Main features

  • Supports NSP and XCI files!
  • Automatic scanning of destination folders for new files!
  • Automatically rename your files to match the game name with custom templates! Including NSP files!
  • Manage your backups on local and SD card
  • See game information (images only for now, but more is coming)
  • Group and sort the file list
  • Keep track of scene versions using the nswdb.com database
  • Cut your files
  • Automatically rename your files to match the game name (other options in the near future)
  • Copy and move files between the local collection and the SD card (in both cases)



  • “Show in Explorer” now selects the file
  • The NSP “Select Outdated” now shows a message when the files are selected


  • Correction scan stopped when custom XCIs are present. Close  # 104  and close  # 117
  • Download hactool if it doesn’t already exist
  • Adds {nsptype} and {filename} to the automatic renaming
  • Show error message in the debug log when keys.txt has duplicate values ​​that prevent the app from running
  • Show error message in debug log if games require master key not found in keys.txt
  • Fixed issue with some basic NSP games not read correctly, e.g. Grand Prix Story
  • Fix NSP without cnmt.xml marked as NSP converted to NCA
  • MasterKey8 (8.1.0)
  • Fixed cart with update partition on the above firmware 6.2.0 detected as 6.2.0. Add partition firmware support up to 8.1.0
  • Added a warning when trying to download the version update from Nintendo
  • Removes the connection to the tagaya server


  • Solves the problem with Rocket League (by Garoxas)
  • The largest NCI of the Rocket League XCI does not have a correct PFS0 header, causing the app to allocate a large amount of memory due to unnecessary data in the file counting field. Skip NCA with invalid PFS0 header, with the exception of some games with PFS0 zero data header, e.g. 1-2 Switch, where it has zero PFS0 data despite being a valid NCA
  • Added FW 6.2.0 support for NSP and XCI (by Garoxas) –
  • Added support for NSP and XCI with minimum firmware requirement of 6.2.0 and MasterKey6 requirement
  • Json parsing correction in version list (  # 92  )  # 93  (by Garoxas)
  • Fixed missing fields in the XML database of NSP files  # 91  (by CameronVetter)
  • Show error log for excluded certificates (from Garoxas)
  • Some minor registration changes (by Romfrosk)
  • Fixed  # 111  where “select outdated updates” didn’t work


  • Missing content Type the custom NSP template
  • Includes the option to split XCI files (right click on files -> split files)  # 88


  • fallback if MasterKey’s revision is not supported by hactool (by Garoxas)
  • Added version, last update and source (of Garoxas)
  • Move background update version (of Garoxas)
  • Manage titlekeys with TitleID duplicates (from Garoxas)
  • Support 6.1.0 (by Garoxas)

v 1.1.8

  • Support for firmware 6.0.0 (by Garoxas)
  • The user can now select the local files that are on both the local and e-shop (nsp) files
  • The user can now select previous NSP updates (and then delete them)


  • Support for downloading images from the Web when # 56 (by Termit1975) is missing
  • Imported Date column # 58 (by davidp57)
  • It avoids the reduction of the windows during the display execution with DPI n. 59 (by Garoxas)
  • The user can delete the selected files (this option must be enabled on the configuration screen)
  • The user can now select previous NSP file updates (Select menu) so that they can be deleted from the disk


  • Correction: impossible to process NSP “Scene” versions  n  . 45  . Thanks to Garoxas;
  • The name of the files in the lists now shows only the file name by default, however the user can choose to show the full path in the options;
  • The highlights on the scene list the files you already have (NSP, XCI or both) with custom colors;
  • Now you can donate using paypal – if you want. The link is on the github page 🙂


  • Correction  n. 50  : the new autorenaming model is not used at runtime;
  • Correction  n. 52  : the NSWDB site has modified something that prevents the program from downloading its xml file.


  • Correction  47  : some NSP update files showed errors when adding to the database (010065e003fd8800, 0100830004fb6800, 0100760002048800, 01005ee0036ec800, ..)
  • Fix skipped XCI files when the version number is not standard, fixes   # 42  # 44


  • Now you can add NSP titles with the same TitleID. Thanks to  @garoxas
  • added support for multiple XCI revisions thanks to  @garoxas
  • Game information such as description, release date, players number, publisher and categories can now be downloaded from the web (optional, can be set on the configuration screen)
  • The user can manually change the game information.
  • Fixed issue  # 32  (automatic renaming problem)
  • Added CDNSP renaming pattern (detects if it is a base game, DLC or updates)


  • Fixed an error where the title has Taiwanese as the only language (TitleID 0100D7700AF88000)
  • The name of the game titles is now retrieved from the list of scenes as more user-friendly (no more Chinese names that cause problems when uploading to switches)
  • Support for NSP files (e-shop). Very experimental as it is very slow to discard large files. 
  • Other configurations on File -> Options Menu


  • Add the filter to the game lists
  • Username removed, now other special characters that could cause problems with SX OS such as “™” and “®”
  • Fixed the bug while trying to rename split  files 



Switch Backup Manager 1.2.2.zip