[SWITCH] SX Dumper 2.0.4 Released

As promised, the Xecuter team continues to release updates and maintain its active support. In collaboration with [WAIN] (authors of the Card Dumper tool), it has released a new update of SX Dumper with version 2.0.4. Just like it happens on Card Dumper , this homebrew allows you to dump your game cartridge backups in .XCI format complete with ‘cert id’ (you can also delete the certificate) for safer online use with SX OS, decide the destination of the file if on SD / USB HDD or split the game files.

Official announcement

Today we came back with the help of our friends [WAIN] who developed a very useful app for SX: SX Dumper!

As the name indicates, this app will allow you to download an original game to your microSD card or USB HDD and then play directly with your backup without the original game. This version 1.0.0 is already rich in features and we are already working on future updates to offer an even more fluid experience.


  • Download in .XCI
  • Automatically adds the file name (full gamename.xci)
  • Support USB HDD and microSD card
  • Decreased clipped space (unused space removed from backup)
  • Certificate cleaning
  • File division for the FAT32 file system
  • CRC that verifies the downloaded image



  • added possibility to install the cartridge or the uploaded .xci file.
  • added ability to mount xci when found.


  • general user interface changes
  • shows 3 random NAND screens for the selected game
  • ability to launch
  • Dumping NSP
  • added dumping of the mulitgame cartridge
  • plus much more …


This time it is SX Dumper that goes to version 1.0.3 with a new function to download only cert.

  • Added option for dumping output only certificate: 
    selected folder / certificates / game name [cert crc32] .cert
  • Various stability fixes and lib updates


  • Fixed the splitting that no longer hangs after 2 GB.


  • Keeps the console active, no need to press the buttons during the dump!
  • Fixed an issue with cartridge port detection too fast.
  • Possibility to select the destination folder (SD-Root, “/ sxos / xci /” or “/ sxos / games /”)
  • Possibility to configure the user interface settings for navigation with the left button and not for the options
  • Edit in Titleid.xci for Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Taiwanese due to the specificity of these languages.


SX Dumper v2.0.4 by [WAIN]

(to download you need to use the site hide.me )