VitaPad v1.3 (by Rinnegatamante) – Adds ViGEm support for DualShock 4 emulation on PC

Following the recent update to DaedalusX64-vitaGL, developer @Rinnegatamante is back with a newly updated homebrew release for the PS Vita with the new update to VitaPad with the release of v1.3. in this update the developer has added DualShock 4 Controller Emulation. This is done by adding ViGEm support (vJoy driver also available still like in previous versions) to the client. For user’s that are new to this PS Vita utility it can be very handy if your a PC gaming and want to use some familiar controls for your gaming. As this utility and PC client for both 32/64 but versions of Windows (download data files) turns your PS Vita handheld into a wireless PC Controller with various features and modes for supported devices.

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  • VitaPad v.1.3
    VitaPad allows you to use your PSVITA as a wireless PC controller. It supports Windows (both 32 and 64 bit) and Linux (port made by nyorem). On the Windows client version (provided as Data Files in the download for 64 Bit systems) it’s possible to enable ViGEm mode to make the PSVITA get detected from the PC as a DualShock 4 and/or vJoy mode to make it get detectes as an XInput joystick. If both modes are disabled, PSVITA will mimic keyboard/mouse actions.

    (Note: Video footage is of v1.0)

    • Added ViGEm support to the client for DualShock 4 controller emulation. (Thanks to MakiseKurisu & yuntiancherry)