[Wii/Wii U]Rilasciato Nintendont V5.489

The FIX94 developer has released a small update of Nintendont in version 5.489.  Nintendont is a highly sought-after homebrew for the Wii console and virtual console on Wii U and allows GameCube games to be launched at full speed from a USB device or SD card. It also loads games in the form of an image with CISO extension or as an extracted file and is compatible with   the official Nintendo GameCube controller adapter.



  • Works on Wii and Wii U (in vWii mode)
  • Full-speed upload from a USB device or SD card.
  • Load 1: 1 images and make them smaller in the .GCM / .ISO disk format.
  • Upload games as extracted files (FST format)
  • Upload disk images in CISO format. (ULoader CISO format)
  • The emulation of the memory card
  • Play audio via streaming audio disc
  • Bluetooth controller support (Classic Controller (Pro), Wii U Pro Controller)
  • HID controller support via USB
  • Custom buttons when using HID controllers
  • Cheat code support
  • Configuring various settings
  • Reset / Turn off via combo button (R + Z + Start) (R + Z + B + D-pad)
  • Advanced Video Mode which strengthens in progressive and 16: 9 widescreen
  • Automatic start from loader
  • Disc switching
  • Use the official Nintendo GameCube controller adapter
Features: (Wii only)
  • Start original discs
  • Start backup from a writable DVD media (only Wii old)
  • Use real memory cards
  • GBA-Link cable
  • WiiRd
  • Allows use of the Nintendo GameCube microphone

What Nintendont does not do yet:

  • BBA / Modem support

What Nintendont will never be able to support:

  • Game Boy Player
Quick installation:
  1. Take the loader.dol , rename it to boot.dol and put it in / apps / Nintendont / along with the meta.xml and icon.png files .
  2. Copy GameCube games to the / games /. Directory. Subdirectories are optional for 1-disk games in ISO / GCM and in CISO format.
    • For games with 2 disks, you need to create a subdirectory / games / MyGame / (where MyGame can be anything), then the name of disk 1 as “game.iso” and disk 2 as “disc2.iso”.
    • To extract the FST, the FST must be in a subdirectory, for example /games/FSTgame/sys/boot.bin.
  3. Connect the storage device for your Wii or Wii U and launch Homebrew Channel.
  4. Select Nintendont.
  • The slot for Wii SD cards and Wii U are known to be slow. If you are using an SD card and are experiencing performance issues, use a USB SD reader or USB hard drive.
  • USB flash drives are known to be problematic.
  • Nintendont works best with storage devices formatted in FAT32 or exFAT.


  • USB keyboards only work when native controls are disabled. If enabled, in  its  place you can use the keyboard connected to the original GameCube Wii GameCube ports.


  • – added the One Piece Treasure Battle demo to the arstartdma exception list
  • compiled with the latest devkitppc r33, libogc 1.8.21 and devkitarm r50


  • Fixed Triforce games that don’t start after the last update


A Force Progressive fix for the Japanese version of Capcom vs. SNK 2 EO NTSC-J


Added Disney Magical Mirror to the list of arstartdma exceptions


Solves the white screens in Fire Emblem and Super Smash Bros. Melee, putting the game in the list of exceptions.
To correct black screens, just use the disk reading emulation.

FE can also beep on reset and is resolved from the list of exceptions.

Added tales of symphonia to the list of arstartdma exceptions to remove the beeps on the start / end of the battle
– Added fire emblem in read limit to remove the limit and hope to stabilize its transitions in chapters
Added titles of triforce in manual DI invalid to hope that its loading becomes more stable

Added PATCH  to make gamecube service v1.0 bootable


Added RE Remake, Zero, 2 & 3 to Widescreen exception


If there are no games on the device selected in Wii U Wii mode, an error message is displayed.

Added patch timer in sonic mega collection to resolve its occasional audio hopping
Added support for Brazilian biec gamecube mpal v1.1
v5.469: Be
sure to delete the padread section before using it

  • Added the F-Zero AX patch to allow it to be forced to pal60


  • Added the timer values ​​when running on a wiiu with the CPU updated to 1.215ghz
  • Added the string in the displayed version to indicate when the wiiu CPU performs this higher clock


  • added shutdown for vwii and wii vc
  • added gamepad shutdown button to read in wii vc


  • Support for Slot B memory cards. By default, Nintendont will not create a Slot B card, so you will have to manually create a file named for example GSNE_B.raw, ninmemb.raw or ninmemjb.raw. The total size of both cards cannot exceed 16 MB; otherwise, Slot B will be ignored.
  • Optimized saving of card images. Previously, the complete form was saved by quitting Nintendont; now, only the modified part is saved. There are also two dirty bits now; one for the system area and one for the data area. This reduces the amount of data saved, for example if you change a file closer to the end of the card.
  • Descriptions for further settings.
  • Now you can adjust the gray settings. This is useful if for example a configuration is moved from Wii to Wii U or vice versa.
  • Several corrections from Scanity Scan.


-Added ABXY gamepad switching by pressing less like on a wiiu pro controller

– Fixed a value that has not been moved in the last revision (made some games uncontrollable)
– Added the appropriate closing wait in the bluetooth code (this is the reason why it is sometimes not out)
– Clean the interrupted code
– now the wii vc internal game.iso files should actually boot
– when you start wii vc with the gamepad deactivated, it should allow player 1 to be synchronized by other controllers instead of being synchronized with the disabled gamepad
v5 .455:
This new version solves some startup problems
Used the recovery code for wii vc, then pressing the power button or pressing the exit combo will restart in the wiiu menu
Added the wii vc control to wiiu
Fixed a possible crash of the loader

Reconstructed Nintendont Launch
This massive change allows launching a WiiU title in Wii VC, so that the WiiU gamepad can be used as input to the game in vWii


To download the new version, use the “Quick Install” guide link at the top of this post