[RELEASE] UWUVCI + Injectiine

UWUVCI AIO v3.0 is bringing you the ability to inject games of the following consoles:

  • NDS VC
  • GBA VC (Including GBC/GB Support)
  • N64 VC
  • NES VC
  • TurboGrafX-16 VC (Including TurboGrafX-CD Support)
  • MSX VC (Including MSX2 Support)
  • Wii
  • GameCube

There is also an integrated guide, which you can access by pressing this link, or hitting the ? button in the injection window

Super FX games (Like StarFox/2) and DSi enhanced Games (like Pokemon Black) will not be playable


That pokemon GBA Injects work, you need to choose the PokéPatch setting

Downloads UWUVCI:

Make sure to have the .net Framework 4.8 installed
Also make sure to have .net Core 3.1 Desktop Runtime installed

UWUVCI AIO: v3.0 Installer Source
UWUVCI for Linux: Comming Soon

Changelog UWUVCI AIO:

v3.0 Beta:

  • WII/GC injects
  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Auto download of bootimages/inis/bootsounds
  • image creator
  • 32 bit support
  • Wii & GC injects support NKIT
  • Even more userfriendly GUI


Downloads Injectiine:
by now i have not released a new version. but you can download the Original here
Original Thread:

Changelog Injectiine:
up to v1.23 -> here