[DS(i)/3DS] TWiLight Menu++ – GUI for DS(i) games, and DS(i) Menu replacement

TWiLight Menu++ (or TWLMenu++, for short)
GUI for DS(i) games, and DSi Menu replacement for DS/DSi/3DS/2DS

twlmenu on consoles 2 (16;10, fixed, denoised).jpg


*Games are ran by nds-bootstrap


  • Launch DS(i) ROMs from the SD card and/or flashcard, via nds-bootstrap (comes included with the app)!
    For flashcards, the flashcard kernel/firmware can optionally be used to boot the games.
  • Automatic on-the-fly AP-patching! Drag and drop your ROMs onto the SD card, and play, without any additional steps!
    The included AP-patches are loaded for a specific game, by nds-bootstrap, and the patching is done in RAM, leaving your original ROM untouched.
  • Bring the DSi Menu to your DS Phat/lite, by putting TWLMenu++ on a flashcard!
  • First DS flashcard UI to show animated icons from DSi-Enhanced, DSi-Exclusive, and DSiWare games!
  • Set the language to your preference.
  • 10 save slots!
  • For DSi/3DS/2DS users: Overclock your DS games to 133mhz, faster than normal DS clock speed of 67mhz!
  • For DSi/3DS/2DS users: Change sound frequency from 32kHz to 48kHz for higher sound quality!
  • Directly access the flashcard’s microSD card, and switch to and from there anytime! (Only applies to the flashcards listed right below the instructions.)
  • Run the last played ROM on TWiLight Menu++ startup.
  • Play retro games from these consoles:
    Atari 2600, via StellaDS (.a26 only)
    NES/Famicom, via nesDS
    (Super) GameBoy (Color), via GameYob
    Sega Master System/Game Gear, via S8DS
    Sega MegaDrive/Genesis, via jEnesisDS (or PicoDriveTWL, if ROM is above 3MB) (.gen only)
    Super Nintendo/Famicom, via SNEmulDS
    PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16, via NitroGrafx
    GameBoy Advance, via GBARunner2
  • Play videos:
    Using GBARunner2
  • 3DS/2DS users: Play DS games in 16:10 widescreen! Not all games will work with this feature.
    (Find the tab “3DS/2DS: Playing in Widescreen” for how to use this feature.)

Boot Demo (by Alex S):

(Old video with the SRLoader name)

When using this with SD cards that are 64GB or above, make sure “Save FAT table cache” is disabled in the Games/Apps page of TWLMenu++ Settings. Your SD card may become corrupt, due to an issue with saved FAT tables by nds-bootstrap.
If it’s already turned off when corruption happened, then it’s due to an issue with either libnds or libfat, or your SD card may be dying.

If you have a DSi, or a 3DS/2DS without CFW, you’ll need a DSiWare exploit to run TWiLight Menu++.
Also works with flashcards. Please check the instructions for flashcard users.

NOTE: If you have any issues happening in the DS games themselves on the SD card, please post in the nds-bootstrap thread.


Flashcards supported with direct access, if running on the console’s SD card:

  • Acekard 2i (Games cannot be booted)
  • R4 Ultra (regular, not R4i) (r4ultra.com)

If your flashcard isn’t listed, enable Slot-1 SCFG access in TWLMenu++ Settings, and if your flashcard can autoboot TWLMenu++, enable Slot-1 autostarting as well.


  • Please check this list for what games work and do not work from the SD card.
    If you’re running the game from a flashcard, then you won’t need this, unless if you’re running B4DS (nds-bootstrap for flashcards).
  • DSi-Enhanced games currently won’t work in DSi mode.
    If you have a DSi with Unlaunch, you can set Unlaunch as a Slot-1 launch method, and launch the cartridges in DSi mode.


DSi, 3DS Menu, SEGA Saturn, and Homebrew Launcher themes

  • Left/Right: Select a game/app
  • A/START: Launch game/app
  • L/R or SELECT+LEFT/RIGHT: Switch pages
  • SELECT+UP/DOWN: Switch between the SD card and flashcard
  • Y: Per-game settings
  • Y+X: Cheat menu
  • X: Delete/hide game
  • (DSi/Saturn/HB theme) SELECT: SELECT menu or DS Classic Menu (Where system menu, TWLMenu++ Settings, and GBA Mode can be accessed)

R4 theme

  • Up/Down: Select a game/app
  • A: Launch game/app
  • L: Switch between the SD card and flashcard
  • Y: Per-game settings
  • Y+X: Cheat menu

With CFW: DS ROMs (on SD)/carts

  • L+R+DOWN+B for 2 seconds: Return to TWiLight Menu++
    (If using an O3DS, then it does not work on all models)


  • @retrogamefan, Rudolph: Included AP-patches.
  • @ahezardnds-bootstrap
  • @Gericom: GBARunner2
  • @Drenn: GameYob
  • @Coto: nesDS
  • Lordus: jEnesisDS
  • archeid (Loopy): SNEmulDS
  • @FluBBa: S8DS
  • @Sono: Widescreen patch for TWL_FIRM. The widescreen feature wouldn’t have been possible without it.
  • @fintogive@RadDude McCoolguy@KazoWAR, me, @Vague Rant@gamemasterplc, and @ChampionLeake: Various widescreen cheat codes.
  • @Apache Thunder: Providing the Miku theme (not made by him) for Acekard theme, nesDS TWL Edition, and the DSi splash from NTR Launcher.
  • @Vulpes-Vulpeos: TWiLight Menu++ logo (v4.3.0-v6.2.1, and for the launcher, after v1.0.0).
  • @Joom: Original TWLoader logo.
  • me: For implementing the auto-reset power button function used in NTR-mode, volume button control, fixed sound, and LED functions, to nds-bootstrap.
  • @shutterbug2000: For the muted sound/touchscreen fix for nds-bootstrap, and the GB icon.
  • @nocash123: For the touchscreen mode switch log. Without it, the sound/touchscreen fix code wouldn’t exist.
  • @spinal_cord: DSi4DS and DSision2 graphics.
  • devkitPro: Code used in nds-hb-menu, and the use of the bootloader, devkitARM, libnds, and libfat.
  • FlameKat53: First photo featuring the DS/DSi/3DS consoles, with me removing some distracting reflections on the 3DS and DSi consoles. :P