PSVita News: Rinnegatamante & TheFlow creating a GTA III port for the Vita powered by re3!

Like the Nintendo Switch, the PSVita did not receive any native Grand Theft Auto titles and although one could play the PSP’s GTA titles, the native experience is always nicer. However, things are now changing as well-known developers Rinnegatamante & TheFlow are working on porting Grand Theft Auto III to the Vita through the re3 engine!

Rinnegatamante & TheFlow porting GTA III to the Vita & PSTV

Being the first 3D GTA game, GTA III is an iconic title that found its way on PCs, consoles and smartphones but curiously enough, not the Vita or Switch! (Source)

As mentioned in the introduction, the Vita has no native GTA titles but thanks to dedication from the community with TheFlow being at the forefront, various enhancements were made to the PSP’s GTA titles when running on the console. These include dual analogue stick support and a native resolution patch giving a more visually appealing experience albeit with a performance hit but now, GTA is coming natively to the PSVita & PSTV!

This news was broken by Rinnegatamante on Twitter who posted a screenshot of the opening sequence together with revealing that the port is based on the same codebase as the Switch’s homebrew GTA III port which is the re3 engineIn subsequent updates, he also revealed that TheFlow was working with him on the GTA III port by taking care of the audio and input code while also helping out with debugging the graphics renderer, that Rinnegatamante is working on, among other things.

Current state of the Vita’s GTA III port

GTA III, run via the re3 engine, can start on the Vita but 3D graphics don’t work properly… for now but things may change quickly!

Following previous trends, Rinnegatamante is giving some progress updates on Twitter and according to these, the port is in the current state:

  • On Sunday, Rinnegatamante managed to get the re3 game engine to start loading up and showing some intro images (Tweet)
  • Yesterday, Rinnegatamante reported that input was working just fine making it possible to start a new game. (Tweet)
    • However, 3D rendering isn’t working properly although 2D elements are rendering just fine with subtitles, the HUD, map and menus displaying properly


As usual, it is imperative to be patient and not ask for ETAs despite a native GTA port to the Vita being pretty exciting for many of us. Both Rinnegatamante and TheFlow are known to deliver so we’ll surely see something soon enough although there’s no word on how well the game will perform so only time will tell whether the port will be fully playable!

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