PS5Tools Added to PS5 Github Repository by SKFU, Invites Contributors

The PS5 Scene is just days away from kicking off with the Official PlayStation 5 LaunchPS5 Online Only Ordering and following the PS5 PKGs PlayStation developer @SKFU (Blog) passed along word on Twitter that he committed the obligatory PS5Tools repository to the PlayStation 5 Github Repos while inviting others to add to it. 🔥

Download: / GIT

In the Tweet below he states the PS5 PUP Info Python Scripts for examining file structure data and extraction are “very bare skeleton for now, feel free to contribute” and this PlayStation 5 News comes following his PS4 FW ToolSKFU Pr0xyPS4 Remote Play GuidePS4 TitleIDsPS4 Environment AnalysisPS4 I/O Vulnerability Analysis and an update on PlayStation 4 TitleIDs.

Finally, the PS4 Github Repos have also been updated recently with a DS4ID JavaCard-based emulator of a PS4 licensed controller security chip by dogtopus labeled an IllegalSecurityChip… based on the strict warnings included, it sounds like something $ony may frown upon. 🙃

PS5Tools Added to PS5 Github Repository by SKFU, Invites Contributors.jpg