PS5 Piracy: Game Rips already surface (spoiler alert: you can’t use them)

Warez scene game rips from PS5 Blu Ray games have already surfaced on the internet. But of course, they’re not usable by anybody at this point.

Alleged dumps of PS5 games have been released by Warez group “BigBlueBox”. Among the spotted games is in particular AAA title Spider-Man Miles Morales. It is very likely that those are just dumps of the Blu Ray discs from a PC “as is”, and there is no guarantee that those can actually be used to play a pirated version of the game, if and when the PS5 ever gets a Jailbreak.

Arguably more interesting is the fact that the warez group is hinting at findings of their own for the new Nintendo Switch Mariko units.


>>> BigBlueBox <<<
Proudly Presents:
Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales
Release Information
Date ………… …… 22/11/2020
Platform …….. …… PS5
Publisher…….. …… Sony Interactive Ent
File Name ……. …… bbb-ps5-01461
Game ID ……… …… PPSA-01461
Release Notes:
*YAWN* ahhh that was a good nap
well time to do a PS5 disc to kick off this year
Did you miss us? im sure we were long forgotten
we have been helping out friends if you looked close enough
here is a little early christmas gift from us
mariko_bek = [removed]
mariko_kek = [removed]
nothing to do with PS5 but better than socks
Enjoy as Always
Greetings to everyone who likes to play our games
keep your family safe and dont leave the house, just play games

Nevertheless, this shows that there is a lot of activity around the new PS5 console to try and get it hacked. But that probably isn’t the main concern for the thousands of folks around here who can’t even get their hands on the console at the moment.