PlayStation 4: PS4HEN released for Firmware 7.02 following the firmware being fully cracked open!

Earlier this week, Sleirsgoevy released a working WebKit exploit for Firmware 7.02 on the PlayStation 4, based on Synacktiv’s work, which opened the flood gates for full hacks on this firmware. In this article, we’re going to look at the release of PS4HEN for FW 7.02 and what PS4HEN is.

What is PS4HEN?

PS4HEN has now been ported to FW 7.02! (Tweet)

For those who never heard of it or are unsure what it is, PS4HEN is essentially a homebrew enabler for the PlayStation 4 but it packs in some more stuff of its own. Going by the GitHub release post for PS4HEN 2.1.3, which has been ported to FW 7.02, this software also brings along:

  • The ability to use Debug Settings which allows one to use the Package Installer to get homebrew on their console
  • Remote package installation support
  • Functional Rest Mode
  • Allowing screenshots to be taken anywhere
  • Support for external HDDs using the FW 7.xx format on lower firmwares and much more

PS4HEN gets ported to FW 7.02 paving way for various homebrew updates

Thanks to PS4 community members, homebrew is already being updated with FW 7.02 support! (Tweet)

Yesterday, ChendoChap released an updated version of PS4HEN 2.1.3 that brings along support for Firmware 7.02 which has since been hosted by David Miller (Znullptr) on GitHub together with the required exploit. This means that it is now possible to run homebrew on this firmware together with the functionality listed above thanks to recent efforts in the hacking scene.

Furthermore, various homebrew has been updated to support the newly-hacked FW 7.02 with some updated homebrew including Lapy‘s PS4-XplorerEasy PKG Extractor and PS4 App LockAs per community reports, it also seems that dumping of games requiring FW 7.00-7.02 is underway although sources of where one can find such dumps won’t be provided for obvious reasons.


As information seems to be a tad scattered, it seems that @Znullptr’s Twitter is the best place to get more information about PS4HEN on FW 7.02 as it includes download links together with a hosted version of the payload. In related news, sleirsgoevy who’s behind porting the WebKit exploit that made hacking FW 7.02 possible seems to have added ChendoChap’s PS4HEN payload to his ps4jb hacking solution.

@Znullptr (David Miller) Twitter account (download link + hosted payload):