Switch & Vita News: Nintendo Switch BootROM leaked online & fan-made Portal 1 clone released for the PlayStation Vita

It seems that recently, Nintendo leaks are occurring so often that nobody’s really amazed when a new one happens but the contents within them are almost always worthy of community scrutiny! In this article, we’re going to look at the Switch’s BootROM being leaked online together with a Portal 1 clone being released for the Vita!

The Switch’s BootROM gets leaked just in time for Christmas

Files for the Switch’s BootROM have leaked online following more recent leaks! (Tweet)

Starting off with more Nintendo leaks, it seems that some more stuff has seen the light of day thanks to 4chan’s boards. This time around, Twitter user @Lewtwo reported that an anonymous poster on 4chan’s Pokemon board shared some stuff relating to the Nintendo Switch’s BootROM together with some Pokemon-related files potentially having to do with Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eeeve.

Focusing on the Switch BootROM leak, Reddit user “GlaDOS_Aperture” who often explains contents of Nintendo leaks stated that the BootROM files leaked have to do with both Erista (Switch v1) and Mariko (Switch v2 & Switch Lite) units meaning that the BootROM for every Switch currently on the market has been leaked online. While a BootROM leak doesn’t magically change anything for the regular end-user, it might potentially make life easier for hackers attempting to find vulnerabilities that could be exploited on the Nintendo Switch thus ultimately leading to more hacking options especially on newer units.

Fan-made Portal 1 clone released for the Vita

Feel like playing around with some new Vita homebrew these holidays? If so, Dan Cooper’s got you covered 😉 (Image from YouTube video below showing their Portal 1 clone)

As a Christmas present to the PlayStation Vita community, Dan Cooper (dancooper67 on Reddit) went ahead and released a Portal 1 clone/remake for the console. From a quick YouTube video (below) demonstrating the clone, performance seems relatively decent and an experience that’s somewhat similar to the original game seems to be provided which will definitely please any Portal fans trying the game out on their handheld.

You may grab the clone, on which work has been going at least since this May, by following the link below which provides a downloadable VPK file that can be installed through VitaShell.


For those wishing to play a Portal 1-like title on their PSVita, simply visit the link below which also contains a discussion thread about the clone together with download links. No links are provided to the latest Nintendo leaks for obvious reasons.

Portal 1 Remake Reddit Thread (discussion + download link): https://www.reddit.com/r/VitaPiracy/comments/kjl4md/portal_1_ps_vita_port/