PS4 7.55 kexploit: Sleirsgoevy, SpecterDev making progress on implementation

A few days ago, hacker TheFlow disclosed a PS4 Kernel exploit, for PS4 firmware 7.55. The disclosure however did not contain any proof of concept files, so the hacking scene has to piece things together a bit slower than usual, starting from the files of a vulnerability that was initially disclosed for FreeBSD.

There’s no doubt that multiple hackers have been looking at this release. Among them, SpecterDev has started streaming his work on the implementation of the exploit, with fellow hacker tihmstar. The first session, which was a few days ago, lasted 5 hours. The hackers have reached a point where they managed to trigger the vulnerability, but not “control it” yet. SpecterDev has confirmed they will keep trying to work on this implementation in the days to come, but hasn’t given a date for the next livestream yet.

Sleirsgoevy on his end has shared his ongoing work on github. According to the hacker on twitter, this is a working exploit on FreeBSD 9, but he didn’t share how much effort will be required to turn this into a functional exploit on the PS4.

Stay tuned for more on this PS4 7.55 exploit, as hackers keep making progress for a PS4 Jailbreak.