PS4_Tools Homebrew PKG & PS4 Trophy Viewer by xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx

Following his recent PS4 Trophy Unlocker v1.3 update to PS4_Tools, today PlayStation 4 Scene developer @TheDarkprograme released via Twitter PS4_Tools Homebrew v1 PKG alongside PS4 Trophy Viewer v1 at the request of @pearlxcore with details on each below. 🥳

Download: PS4_Tools_Homebrew_V1.pkg / / GIT

From the PS4_Tools Homebrew V1 Github repository:

PS4 Tools homebrew (works on all current exploited firmware’s should auto detect at start)

==What’s in it ?==

Its a tool to showcase the power of ps4 tools itself.(and how it has been used to make homebrew by a few scene members including lapy and pearlxcore)

PKG functions (X To open PKG Selector)

  • List all PKG’s on the console itself and get additional info from it (e.g. Sealed Key, Lock Level, NpTitle, NpBind e.g.)
  • Play .at9 files directly from the homebrew itself ([ ] Button on PKG screen).
  • Show a games info (pressing X on the pkg screen) will show the Title , Size of the PKG , Retail or Fake , Content ID and the icon and background image of said game,
  • Options on thisscreen:
    • Mount PFS (still looking into it)
    • Dump to USB will work if we can mount the PFS
    • Mount save data needs save data patches to work correctly
    • Unlock Trophies (Unlocks al trophies for this game via the DB)
    • Lock Game (Will hide the game from the XMB on reboot (if not in a folder))
    • Unlock Game (Will show a hidden game on the XMB (if not in a folder))
  • Read System Info ([ ] Button on the main screen) – This will display info from the system
  • Trophy Util – This will load all trophy files on the console with their name and Icon from here you can unlock all trophies or just a specific games trophies (this will be done via the db)
  • Open Save Data– This will open up save data on the console and allow you to mount and dump them to a usb for safe keeping (needs save mount patches to work)
    • L3 is just a simple color change in the app itself
    • Options shows credits
    • R3 will load the recovery tools. From here you can Rebuild App.db([ ] button) or Fix Trophy Timestamps (/\ Button) or fix Trophy Summary issues (X)

Have Fun

And from the Trophy Viewer V1 Github repository:

It’s simple download the folders from:


off the PS4

Then use the browser button to find the .trp file (this needs the trophy.ini file in the folder as well).

This should load all trophy info for it.


Made on request for pearlxcore.

PS4_Tools Homebrew PKG & PS4 Trophy Viewer by xXxTheDarkprogramerxXx.jpg