PSVita: GTA San Andreas 1.5 released with more cheats, better performance, support for cut songs and more!

Ever since GTA San Andreas got ported to the Vita, it’s been receiving constant updates which are turning a good port into an awesome one. With version 1.5 released this weekend, the port gains more cheats, improved performance, support for more songs to enjoy and more!

GTA San Andreas 1.5 released for the Vita

Here we go again with yet another GTA SA update for the Vita 😉

In late February, GTA San Andreas was released for hacked PSVita consoles thanks to a port by TheFlow, Rinnegatamante, aap and some others who contributed after the port was released. Based on the Android port, the Vita’s version runs quite well and even contains some improvements of its own such PS2-esque rendering, the ability to enter cheats without a physical keyboard and much more. However, having a port that simply runs well wasn’t enough and on Saturday, TheFlow released version 1.5 to make the Vita’s GTA SA experience even better.

According to the change log, this update brings along:

  • Improved performance thanks to vitaGL-related optimisations and redirecting mpg123 (MP3 decoding library) calls to a natively running mpg123
  • Two new cheat codes were added namely:
    • THEFLOW – grants invincibility
    • RINNEGATAMANTE – grants weapon set 4
  • The “Resume” menu item now loads the latest manual or auto save
    • Exiting the game using the “Quit Game” menu option does a quick-save
  • It is now possible to play radio songs cut from the Android version
  • Plane rudder controls and mixed cheat codes were fixed while an MP3 fuzzy seek option has been added


To update to GTA SA 1.5 on your Vita, you simply have to install the VPK in the link below if you already installed the game. If not, you’ll have to follow the installation instructions within the port’s README which require you to extract game files from the Android version of the game.

GTA San Andreas for the Vita GitHub README (installation instruction and more information):

GTA San Andreas for the Vita download link:

Rinnegatamante’s Patreon (donations):

TheFloW’s Patreon (donations):