The Witcher 3 (TW3) PS4 Texture Patcher Tool Arrives via Backporter

Following the TLOU2 Textures Tool and his PS4 Theme DDS Converter & HKX Verifier, recently PlayStation 4 Scene developer @Backporter shared via Twitter a The Witcher 3 (TW3) PS4 Texture Patcher tool crediting Valennia of for the Black Boxers for Geralt texture used in the example on Github. :cool:

Download: Release-3.0.7z / (includes TW3CT.exe and TW3CT-Auto.exe) / GIT

Those interested can drop by the Official PS4 Game Modding Server Discord channel, and from the file: TW3 PS4 Texture Patcher

Swaps out original texture data with custom data.

Notes Before You Get Started

  • some texture may just fail to pack even if they should, should it fail, please create an issue with the mod name.
  • the way this tool is made means you are limited to swapping data that is equal or lower in size, same goes for resolution and Mip Count.
  • Its in its beta phase (originally it was set-up for my system but I’ve cleaned it up so it should work on all systems), as such bugs may be appear.


Using The Tool

1: Make sure you have the Official ModKit installed and set-up, along side your game unpacked

2: Download a Mod From the nexus that should work (in this example I’ll use this) and unpack it either using the ModKit or Cache Parser (if you use Cache Parser you will need to recreate the original path structure), open SSE-Fallout-4-Texture-Converter right-click the empty to open the settings tab, select “Backup DDS (Do Not Delete)” hit the X and add the textures and click start and wait for it to finish.

3: Copy The Textures to the same directory as my tool, now copy the texture cache that contains the texture you want to Swap out to the same folder with my tool (in this case the texture i want to swap out is inside content0s texture cache)

4: Drag And Drop the texture Cache onto the executable named “TW3CT-Auto” it will grab all the textures inside the current directory and start swapping them out.. you will need to hit any key after each texture is finished.

Note: If you want to use my tool from a CMD window the arguments is as follows:

<"texture.cache" or path to texture cache> <Path To Texture("characters\models" NOT the absolute path (ie, Z:/path/characters/xx)>

Change Log:

  • 1.0 Base.
  • 2.0 Added Mip Cout checking to prevent issues (if the mip count is greater or lesser than the original it will exit the program).
  • 3.0 Added Resolution Checking to prevent issues (if the Resolution is greater or lesser than the original it will exit the program).

The Witcher 3 (TW3) PS4 Texture Patcher Tool Arrives via Backporter.jpg