PS4 Release: Mira backport to 7.50, by LightningMods

PS4 scene developer LightningMods has released a backport of Mira to firmware 7.50. The Mira payload released a couple days ago was apparently only compatible with 7.55 (while the underlying jailbreak works on 7.50, 7.51 , and 7.55).

This should allow those of you who have chosen to remain on 7.50 to stay there and enjoy the benefits of Custom firmware on your PS4. In general, we recommend to stay on as low a firmware as you possibly can, so this is great news for people who decide to go that route.

Download Mira CFW for PS4 7.50

You can download the Mira CFW payload for PS4 7.50 here. You will also need the PS4 Jailbreak for 7.55 (compatible with 7.50).

LightningMods also provided a link to the diff, and the source of his fork can be found on his github.

source: LightningMods