Hackers might have stumbled upon a new PS4 kexploit, but don’t cheer just yet

Unlike all his previous videos, you won’t find the VOD version of SpecterDev latest twitch’s stream, which was broadcast live today. The reason: it appears the hacker stumbled upon an undisclosed kernel vulnerability on the PS4, while investigating the recent 7.55 jailbreak live on Twitch.


PS4 Jailbreak 8.03 ETA WEN

So, in a way, this is huge news. And that’s the reason he has decided to not publish a VOD version of the stream, in order to keep the potential exploit under wraps. However, SpecterDev has stated he does not know at this point if the bug he found is exploitable or not.

In other words, it might be a false alarm, but it’s as close as we’ve been so far to a hint that a 8.xx kexploit could be a possibility. There’s probably a lot of work for SpecterDev and other devs to investigate the issue and figure out if it could lead to a jailbreak.

It does not stop here. Even if the vulnerability is exploitable, it would need to be coupled with a usermode exploit (such as a webkit vulnerability) in order to run. It’s not clear if anyone on the scene has one available to share at the moment. Furthermore, when asked if he would report the vulnerability to Sony’s bounty program, SpecterDev has stated he doesn’t know yet.

That’s a lot to process here, for the devs and for the scene. Nothing might come out of this, and no matter what the outcome, it will take time. Stay tuned (and please no ETA WEN harassment on the devs).

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