Release: PlayStation Mini Store (PS Vita)

For those of you trying frantically to get PS Vita and PS3 games as quick as possible before Sony closes these consoles’ online stores definitively this summer, scene member cuevavirus might have a way to help.

The developer released PlayStation Mini Store, an app that could potentially accelerate the process of finding what you’re looking for (and downloading it) depending on your situation.

What is Playstation Mini Store

From the developer:

This application is an alternative for the PlayStation Store application.


* Fast browsing with text-only UI
* 10 item cart even for free items
* Browse Vita and PS3 stores
* Browse arbitrary categories

Category IDs



The top level category ID can be set or left blank to be populated automatically when opening the mini store.

Vita store: PN.VT.XX-PN.VT.GAME.XX-BASE where XX is your PSN account country code in uppercase
PS3 store: PN.P3.XX-PN.P3.GAME.XX-BASE where XX is your PSN account country code in uppercase

Please note that the PS3 store is a very old version. We’re currently investigating this issue.

Download PlayStation Mini Store

You can download PlayStation Mini Store here. You will need a hackable PS Vita to run this app.

A word of warning: There are potential security implications here for your account, in particular since the source code of the homebrew has not been shared by the dev. Furthermore, this is a homebrew app that lets you access Sony’s servers. Using it might be a breach of the terms and conditions of the PSN. Use at your own risk.

source: cuevavirus