60fps and custom resolution patch in Uncharted 4 (video)

Developer illusion, after fixing bugs in The Last Of Us Remastered, has decided to have a look at Uncharted 4, and whether it was possible to achieve 60fps on a base PS4. The answer is yes, with compromises on the resolution.

Basically, the developer has been able to tweak the game to run at lower resolutions in order to improve the framerate. The result? If you’re willing to go down from 1080p to 540p, you can achieve 60fps gameplay. In other tests, illusion shows that setting the game at 900p resolution still gives you some performance boost (about 40fps), while the native 1080p goes down to 30fps.

This patch also shows that 60fps for Uncharted 4 on the PS5 should totally be achievable.

See a video of Uncharted 4 running at 60fps in a lowered resolution, below:


Apply the 60fps patch to your copy of Uncharted 4

Instructions on how to apply the patch can be found on the developer’s github here. You will need some minimal hex-editing skills, and a hacked PS4 to run the resulting eboot.

Source: illusion