PS Vita release: X-COM Terror From the Deep (KyûHEN homebrew competition entry)

PS Vita dev NorthFear has released a PS Vita port of X-COM (based on open source project Open X-COM). X-COM is an entry for the KyuHEN Vita Homebrew competition, a contest with more than $1000 in cash prizes. If you’re a homebrew developer, you have until May 27th to submit your entry!

What is X-COM for PS Vita

OpenXcom is an open-source clone of the popular turn-based strategy videogames “UFO: Enemy Unknown” (“X-COM: UFO Defense” in the USA release) and “X-COM: Terror From the Deep” by Microprose, licensed under the GPL and written in C++ / SDL.

This is a PS Vita port of these games.

Download and install X-COM for PS Vita

X-COM for PS Vita can be downloaded here.


Download openxcom.vpk and install it to your PS Vita.

Download, extract it and copy OpenXcom folder into ux0:data/.



Copy content of installed Enemy Unknown folder into ux0:data/OpenXcom/UFO or/and installed Terror From The Deep into ux0:data/OpenXcom/TFTD. You can check README.txt inside each folder for details.

Controls :

  • Left analog stick – Cursor movement
  • CROSS – Left mouse button
  • CIRCLE – Right mouse button
  • SQUARE – Open Map
  • TRIANGLE – Inventory
  • D-Pad Up/Down – Switch between floors
  • R1 – Select Previous Unit
  • L1 – Select Next Unit
  • SELECT – Esc
  • START – End turn

Buttons can be remapped in the “Controls” options menu.

Cursor movement speed can be changed by editing the “controllerPointerSpeed” option in ux0:data/OpenXcom/options.cfg.

Source: KyuHEN