PS2 Pnacher (Linux) 1.0

Hello all!

I did made my switch to the Linux world some time ago. I was surprised to see how much of the original tools here actually do work here (with wine or having a native port). However one tool I mainly used to apply widescreen patches onto PS2 ISOs (PS2 Patch Engine as seen here: does not work, at all. So I thought I’d just write my own variant.

Introducing PS2 Pnacher.
Simply select one Pnach File and the corresponding PS2 ISO and hit Patch! A backup file of the ISO will be created in the same folder. NOTE: If you using the Flathub release check if the backup file was left behind as a hidden file in said directory.

The app can be downloaded from Flathub or you can build and install yourself with the following commands:

git clone
cd PS2_Pnacher
sudo make install