Switch: Atmosphere 0.19.3 and Hekate 5.5.6 released, bring latest 12.0.2 firmware support

Developers CTCaer and SciresM have released Hekate 5.5.6 and Atmosphere 0.19.3 respectively, which both bring 12.0.2 support for the two widely used scene tools. Nintendo Switch Firmware 12.0.2 was released yesterday.

With those two critical tools updated for the latest firmware, I’d say it’s now ok to update 🙂

What’s new in Hekate 5.5.6

  • HOS 12.0.2 Support
  • Auto NoGC is now applied if you have 12.0.2 and 14 fuses
    That’s because 12.0.2 burnt a fuse and brought the total to 15 fuses.
    If user is still in 12.0.0-12.0.1 you will still need kip1patch=nogc.
    If updated to 12.0.2, that line can now be removed if wanted.
    And as always if auto nogc is not wanted, you can disable it in the Options Tab.
  • Fixed Seamless display for L4T Linux/Android
    There was an issue where hekate would clear the bootlogo when launching L4T.
    That is now fixed and the bootlogo will remain until kernel finishes init.
  • Fixed an issue when a kip patch was defined 2 times it would throw an error.


  • Improved File based emuMMC
    Fatals with MMC access errors when updating, moving or installing games is now fixed.

What’s new in Atmosphere 0.19.3

  • Support was added for 12.0.2.
  • A number of minor issues were fixed, including:
    • An issue was fixed in dns.mitm that caused a crash when games attempted to resolve the IP address of nullptr.
    • An issue was fixed in erpt that would cause an abort when booting without having ever booted stock previously.
    • An issue was fixed in (file-based) emummc that caused an error on system format/downloading certain games.
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.

Download Hekate 5.5.6 and Atmosphere 0.19.3

Hekate 5.5.6

Atmosphere 0.19.3

Source: CTCaer and SciresM