Commander Genius v2.7.5-vita.2

Commander Genius
by Northfear


  • [Release] Commander Genius v2.7.5-vita.1 (open-source clone of Commander Keen)

    PS Vita port of Commander Genius (open-source clone of Commander Keen).

    Commander Keen 1-6 and Dreams should be playable. For more details/instructions check it’s github page:

    For more details about game versions compatibility, etc check the page of the original port:

    You can download VPK file at my github or at vitadb (along with shareware episodes of the game)

    I’ve only completed 50% of Episode 4, so let me know if you’ve found any bugs or encountered any problems with another episodes or port in general.

    Special thanks to Gerhard Stein (original author of the engine) for helping me with this port.