The PS2 Fortuna Project (Homebrew Launcher) & N64 Emulation highlights a big week in PS2 development

The PlayStation 2 Scene is still going strong as we head into 2020 and with the great grandchild the PS5 is on the horizon in the near future, the ps2 continues to prove it’s has been a still a powerhouse in the homebrew/development community. This week alone we have seen several developments in the community that are quite spectacular to see released. First we seen a glimpse of potential N64 emulation on the PS2 and then yet another new exploit for the PS2 (not to be confused with this recent method involving a demo disc) that will enable homebrew on your PS2.


Earlier in week here in the forums we seen Nintendo 64 emulation emerge from developer @belek666 whom released PoC port of Daedalus x64 emulator for the PS2, This port is early and there is alot of improvements needed (& hopefully can be done) so beware this is not polished emulator. There has been a number of games seen running like Mario 64 but w/ various graphical issues and then many other not booting. If this Proof of Concept can matures to play some of the N64 library well, this could also mean N64 not just for PS2 but possibly for the PS3 and PS4 as well via the PS2 Classic emulator (the PoC build has already been seen running on the PS4). This emulator has to mature alot before we get to excited as end user’s. As of now its unknown if this will improved or if there is the interest/time from the developer(s).


Then today that is follow up with what very well may be the bigger news as an exploit that covers all PS2 Models has emerged from developer @krat0s (of The PS2 Fortuna Project (Homebrew Launcher) is a new exploit to enable homebrew, which can be utilized on all ps2 models. Some models may need some additional files. To perform this exploit you will need a PS2 Memory Card and then a way to write files to that memory card to prepare for exploiting. @TnA has started a discussion thread about the project here in the psx-place forum (seen here) and also checkout full details/updates/instructions about this project at