OpenTuna v1.0.2

    • What is OpenTuna?
      OpenTuna is an open source version of “Fortuna”, based on reverse engineering!!!.

      While Fortuna was merely a proof of concept, OpenTuna was made having future development in mind:

      • It is made to be easy to use by the user. We included an easy to use installer were you only need to press X to install it.
      • Also, we included OPL on the release package, so you are ready to play once you install it.
      • It allows embedding compressed and uncompressed executables to the exploit icon
      • Since it is open source, it will allow porting it to other hardware versions, including TEST consoles.
    • Compatibility:
      • Every Slim PS2 Console (SCPH-700XX, 750XX, 770XX, 790XX, 900XX)
      • PS2 TV
      • Only one specific FAT console model: SCPH-500XX with BIOS v1.90
    Technical write-up describing internals of OpenTuna/Fortuna:
    (or see next tab)

    Youtube video/tutorials:
    • ViZoR RetroGames (Spanish)
      HardLevel (Portuguese)
    • Project Phoenix Media (English)


Alternative download link:

Este archivo se encuentra en un servidor cubano, así que puede ser bajado en Cuba usando navegación nacional, los 300MB de bono de datos o desde navegación nacional con nauta.