ps3tools (complete set), scetool 0.3.2/0.2.14/0.2.9, oscetool, the new hashcalc on Android (ARM)..

Here are binaries for
1. scetool 0.3.2 (named scetool in the archive) Edit: * added to the archive
2. scetool 0.2.14 Edit: * added to the archive
3. scetool 0.2.9 (original by naherwert)
4. oscetool (the open source scetool clone) Edit: * added to the archive
5. new hashcalc tool from Rebug Team

As I use scetool regularly on Android, I decided to share, who knows, some of you might have a need for this one day as well & find it difficult to cross compile or just be in a hurry…

hashcalc requires a scetool binary to work & the binary must be called “scetool” so depending on the version of scetool you want to use, rename the binaries appropriately.
Note that oscetool can also be used by hashcalc, as long as it is renamed “scetool”.

On non rooted devices I recommend using Termux & of course don’t forget to chmod the 2 binaries.
On rooted devices, running either utility from any terminal emulator should not be a problem.

Tested on Android 6.0.1 no root with Termux & 7.1 rooted with Terminal Emulator.!WURSxKaR!FQSD_XnVXvcsFI7i7QDN5Tp93TAcsMVwrVpGxI53bFk[​IMG]