Nathan Drake as a playable character in Uncharted Legacy, and other TLoU, TLoU2 mods by TheMagicalBlob

PS4 scene member TheMagicalBlob has been releasing several mods for Naughty Dog’s games in the past few weeks. If you’re a TloU/TloU2/Uncharted Legacy player and want to change a few things in these games, I recommend you check out his youtube channel.

Keep in mind that not all of these patches are downloadable though (but I’m sure if you ask nicely on reddit…):

1. Nathan Drake as a playable character in Uncharted Legacy

TheMagicalBlolb has managed to load Nathan Drake’s assets into Uncharted Legacy, to turn him into a playable character. Head over to the reddit thread for a full video. We couldn’t find a download link for this one.

2. The Last Of Us enhanced Debug Menu

The developer has slightly tweaked the debug menu in the last of us remastered, to add the following features:

  1. Made L3 And Triangle toggle the fps text, it normally toggled debug rendering but there’s no debug rendering to turn on/off anyway, it’s been removed (not to be confused with debug draw modes, which I have not added in to this public release)
  2. Added an option to spawn a horse wherever (Needs The pak32.txt)
  3. fixed player1 so you can despawn Joel then respawn him to have all his guns at any part of the game (Needs The pak32.txt)
  4. Replaced The Crash Menu With Usable Options, Including novis/Disable All Visibility. High detailed mode is normally off, I’m not sure why it’s on in this eboot, but it impacts performance slightly so I’ll leave the option there for now in case someone wants those few extra frames back
  5. Made It So O Goes Back Instead Of Square Because I’m Sane.
  6. Disabled Depth of Field

Download TLoU Dev Menu+ here.

3. Extended Field of View in The Last of Us 2

TheMagicalBlob has added a way to change the FoV in The Last of Us 2. As always with such unofficial patches, this can lead to some…interesting results in some cases, but you might still have fun playing with this.




In order to apply this patch, here are the hex values to replace, according to the author (see section below on ho to patch your game):

The Last of Us Part II 1.07 – Title I.D. shouldn’t matter with Naughty Dog unless you have the Japanese version or some other heavily censored one, but my Title I.D. is CUSA10249

Movie/Audio Frame Sync Threshold To Non-ADS FOV F: 48 8d 15 bf da e9 00

R: 48 8d 15 bf 4b e9 00

How to patch a PS4 Game

You’ll need a hacked PS4 in order to run such modified games. To patch the game, there’s basically four steps:

  1. Extract the eboot from the package file
  2. modify the eboot with a hex editor (on windows I personally use XVI32 but there are dozens of alternatives, pick what works for you)
  3. Repack the eboot into the package
  4. Install the package like any other normal game (on your hacked PS4)

For steps 1 and 3 (extracting and repacking the eboot) ModdedWarfare has a great video explaining the details, that you can check below.

For step 2 (modifying the binary), you’ll want to open the eboot.bin with any hex editor. Find the string to replace (usually denoted as “F” for “find”) and replace it with the patched string (often denoted as “R” for replace).

Step 4 (installing the modified package on your PS4) should be self explanatory if you’ve been running a hacked PS4.

What’s next?

If you like to mod your games, Also check some of Illusion’s releases such as improved loading times for TLoU Remastered,  or his 60FPS patch for Uncharted 4.