Vita release: VitaQuakeIII 1.0

As promised a few days ago, developer Rinnegatamante has released an update for VitaQuakeIII, his Quake 3 port on the PS Vita.

What’s new in Vita Quake 3 ?

Rinnegatamante has implemented multitexturing support and Texture combiner (GL_COMBINE).  According to the developer, this allowed to use Quake3’s original shading code (which uses multitexturing), which improves performance and fixes some glitches. Check the video below

Changelog (v.1.0):

  • Updated to latest vitaGL usage.
  • Updated to GCC10 usage.
  • Enabled multitexturing usage (huge performance boost).
  • Enabled texture compression usage.
  • Fixed dynamic lights, now they render properly (r_dynamiclight).
  • Removed Urban Terror core (too heavy for PSVita).
  • Fixed several renderer related glitches (eg: fog not properly rendering in some maps).
  • Fixed portals and mirrors rendering (r_noportals).

VitaQuakeIII Download

You can download VitaQuakeIII here.

Also note that you will need a hacked PS Vita in order to run VitaQuakeIII.

How to enable dynamic lights and mipmaps:
If you used to play vitaQuakeIII before v.1.0 release, you probably have those two features disabled in your config files. To enable them edit baseq3/q3config file:
r_dynamiclight from 0 to 1

Source: VitaDB