PS3 Emulator: RPCS3 0.0.17 Alpha release

The RPCS3 PS3 Emulator has been updated to 0.0.17 Alpha. This version brings updates to Trophy notifications, fixes to exploding vertices and particle effects, among other things.

What is RPCS3
RPCS3 is a Sony PlayStation 3 Emulator running on Windows, Linux, and BSD. From the project’s page:

The world’s first free and open-source PlayStation 3 emulator/debugger, written in C++ for Windows and Linux. RPCS3 was founded by programmers DH and Hykem. Initially hosted on Google Code, the project was eventually migrated to GitHub later on in its development. RPCS3’s first successful boots were primarily composed of small homebrew projects and hardware tests. The emulator was later publicly released in June of 2012 and gained substantial attention from both the open-source community and PlayStation enthusiasts alike. Today, RPCS3 is primarily developed by its two lead developers; Nekotekina, kd-11 and backed by flourishing team of GitHub contributors.
RPCS3 PS3 Emulator 0.0.17 Alpha – What’s new
Its’ always a challenge to know what’s new in the RPCS3 releases since these are not “stable builds” per se, and instead just a collection of the latest commits. But the official Twitter account can give us a few hints:

Download RPCS3 PS3 Emulator
You can Download RPCS3 0.0.17 on the project’s official page here.

Game compatibility List here.