Tutorial: How to add your own cheats to PS4 Games (firmware 7.55 or lower) by Modded Warfare

PS4 Scene Veteran Modded Warfare has published a new excellent tutorial video on how to use PS4 Reaper to add cheats to your games. See a summary of the instructions here, and his full video below.

Add Cheats to your PS4 game – Requirements

There are lots of ways to tweak the memory to add cheats to your game, but for the purpose of this tutorial, this is what Modded Warfare recommends

How to Make your PS4 Game Cheat

Step 1 – run the Jailbreak + required payloads on your PS4

Before looking for cheats you need to get your PS4 ready for it. This means:

  1. Running the jailbreak, for example by pointing your PS4 browser to http://karo218.ir/ (alternatives include https://night-king-host.github.io/ and https://darkmoddervc.github.io/PS4JB/ ) and clicking on the jailbreak for your firmware.
  2. Load either the GoldHEN or Mira Payload (those can usually be found on the server hosting the exploit, for example here on Karo’s server)
  3. Then run the PS4debug payload (same as above, it can usually be found on the server hosting the exploit)

Step 2 – run your game and PS4 Reaper

  1. Once your PS4 is ready and running the ps4debug payload, start your game
  2. On your PC, run PS4 Reaper, and connect it to the IP of your PS4. (the PS4 should show a notification saying “PS4 Reaper connected”)

Step 3 – scan the PS4 memory for a value of interest, and modify it

In MW’s example, he’s looking for the number of ingame credits that are displayed in his game: 55’000. He’s looking for that value anywhere in memory through the “scan” button of PS4 Reaper.

  1. In PS4 Reaper, select the “scan” tool
  2. Ensure the “select all” check box is checked for your first try, as you do not know yet where in ram the value you are looking for might be
  3. Enter the value you’re looking for (in this case, MW is searching for 55000), and hit “New scan”
  4. It’s possible the number of results will be too large. In the video example, he gets more than 150 results, which is too much to do anything useful with.
  5. So from there, we’ll attempt to modify the value in the game, to help narrow down the results. That’s where the magic of PS4 Reaper lets you quickly find what you’re looking for
    1. In the example, MW spends a bit of money in the game, to get down to 54’970 credits
  6. You can then enter the new value (in the example, 54970) and hit Next scan. this will start a scan that only compares the entries found previously, with new entries, and will narrow down the results.
  7. If you have few enough results (1 or 2), you can edit one of them with Game Reaper, then see if the change reflects in the game.

You can then save your game, which will save your modified credits for profit 😉


The beginning of Modded Warfare’s video gives you the basics for a simple value such as ingame credits. The second half goes into more details on how you can work it out for more complex values such as unlimited ammo, how to look for things that are not obviously represented by a number, etc…. Check it out below: