Vita release: PVR_PSP2

Developer GrapheneCt has released version 1.0 of the PVR2D GPU Library for the PS Vita.

What is PVR2D

PVR2D is a proprietary GPU API for the Imagination Technologies PowerVR GPU embedded on the PS Vita.

PVR_PSP2, GrapheneCt’s work, includes the following:

Driver layer GPU libraries and tests for PSP2

Currently this project includes:

  1. Common and PSP2-specific GPU driver headers.
  2. Extension library for GPU driver (libgpu_es4_ext), which includes:
  • Full Display Class API implementation;
  • Lowlevel USE codegen code;
  • OS and kernel bridge extensions.
  1. PVR2D port for PSP2.
  2. Various unittests to check basic driver features.

Download PVR-PSP2 1.0

You can download the libraries from the developer’s github here.