PS5 Fan Mod / PS4 Fan Mod: Adjustable Speed Accelerator Controller

Those concerned about their PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4 console overheating that don’t mind voiding the warranty may be interested in a PS5 Fan Mod or PS4 Fan Mod in the form of an Adjustable Speed Accelerator Controller modification from Circuit Surgery on eBay, which sells for around $20.63 (£14.99) each with $15.27 (£11.10) for Royal Mail International Track shipping. 📬

Details of the solderless PlayStation 5 Adjustable Fan Accelerator plug-and-play modification from the product page include:

  • Increases fan speed, reduces temperature.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • Controls fan with the correct speed signal.
  • High quality board with reliable surface mount technology.
  • Easy to fit – No soldering, just plug and go.
  • Fit and Forget.
  • Full fitting instructions via PDF download (ps4-fan-mods-manual.pdf).

More Detail:

This is a small module that can be fitted to your console that will increase the speed of the fan by a percentage of the speed set by the console that can be set by the user. This helps keep your console cooler and therefore less likely to develop problems associated with heat.

The user can set the amount by which the fan speed will be increased in 10% steps, from 10% to 100%, by simply setting the rotary switch. The switch is operated using a small (2mm) flat-bladed screwdriver, which can be obtained here.

Easy to fit: no soldering required, just unplug the fan, plug this module in its place and then plug the fan into the module.

:alert: You will need to open the console in order to fit the module, so please be aware that this will invalidate your warranty. IT WILL NOT FIX A BROKEN CONSOLE! :alert:

:note: Here’s a list of the PS5 / PS4 modification products currently available from Circuit Surgery on eBay or, with the related color-coding descriptions for those interested in console hardware mods:

:question: What’s the difference?

A brief description of function:

  • Blue, Black, Green, Brown: Track fan speed demand from the console. Always keeps the fan spinning faster. Blue/black are fixed, green/brown are adjustable
  • Red, White: Set a specific fan speed above the console’s demand. Allows console to take over if necessary.
  • Yellow: Same as the red and white modules, but has a control pot for fitting into the case to allow adjustment from outside.
  • Grey: Always overrides the console to allow you to set the fan speed to whatever you want regardless of demand. ⚠️ Use with caution!

PS5 Fan Mods:

PS4 Fan Mods:

This comes amid temperature concerns of the new PS5 CFI-1100B Model as PlayStation 5 Water Cooling isn’t a viable option for most PS5Scene console owners, however, those in PS4Scene with Jailbroken PS4 Consoles have several alternatives after initial testing including various PS4 Fan Control Payloads with a PS4_Fan_Booster dynamic parameter, Mira Temperature Reports / PS4 Temperature PKGs and even PlayStation 4 Case Mods… or there’s always @DeathRGH‘s work-around that @Al Azif also recommends:

Cheers to @jose gozalez via Twitter for the heads-up on this earlier! 🍻

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