God of War Ragnarok, Spider-Man 2, KOTOR Remastered, and more announced for PS5

Today was the PS5 Showcase, and event in which Sony announced a bunch of upcoming titles for the PS5. There are a lot of very cool games coming up for the console. All in all, 17 upcoming games were introduced (or re-introduced) in the presentation. Below is a quick summary. My personal favorite surprises: Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, which just looks the right kind of crazy; Bloodhunt, which could make me change my mind about the Battle Royale genre; Ghostwire Tokyo which looks both scary and fun; and Forspoken which I think looks gorgeous.

Disclaimer: preorder links (for the handful of games we could find already available for preorder) are after each video. Those are affiliate links: if you purchase through our links, you don’t pay anything extra but we get a small commission. Thanks for your support!

PS5 Games coming this year

Alan Wake Remastered is coming out next month. The game, written by Sam Lake (of Max Payne fame), received positive reviews from critics, and is often praised for its visuals, sound, narrative, pacing, and atmosphere. The trailer gives a strong Max Payne vibe, even though it was originally developed as the anti-thesis to Max Payne. Looks great, for folks like me who never played the original 🙂

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is coming in October this year. This is an action adventure game by Eidos/Square Enix, and the trailer isn’t half bad. There seems to be a good mixture of humor and action, as one would expect from the franchise. I’m pretty excited by this trailer. The game’s coming in October.

Deathloop. We’ve seen a bunch of trailers on this game which was supposed to be a launch title for the PS5 initially. Let’s hope the delay allowed to polish this shooter with a timeloop gimmick. Deathloop launches next week.

Bloodhunt is a Free-To-Play Battle Royale upcoming game in the universe of Vampire: The Masquerade. It feels like a fresh take on the Battle Royale genre with pretty distinct classes that (hopefully) will do justice to the franchise. Probably great if you’re getting a bit tired of the candy-colors of Fortnite and want a bit more blood in your gaming sessions 🙂


PS5 Games coming in 2022



Tiny Tina’s Wonderland. “Hey, what if we made Borderlands, but in a Dungeons and Dragons universe?” . “-You mean, a Heroic-Fantasy rpg?”. “-Hmmm, yeah, but with guns, you know”. Coming in March.

Forspoken. A Square Enix action adventure game. The first seconds of the trailer give a “Life is Strange” vibe, but this soon spirals into some action-adventure game packed with Magic fights. The main character looks pretty interesting to me, with her “I’m discovering I have super powers and it’s awesome” attitude. Looking forward to it! Announced for “Spring 2022”

Rainbow six Extraction. Honestly I haven’t been excited by Rainbow Six games in a while. It doesn’t seem like this new iteration is bringing back the “co-op campaign with friends” modes that I used to enjoy, so meh…  but it might be your thing. Release announced for January.

GTA 5 and GTA Online are coming to the PS5 next year. Rockstar/Take Two are milking the cow as much as they can, while suing reverse engineers who have ported some of their older games to the Switch and PS Vita. Granted, the trailer looks good. The games are announced for March 22.

Ghostwire: Tokyo looks scary and cool. This is an action-horror game directed by Shinji Mikami (who directed the first Resident Evil), announced for spring 2022. Given the strong Japanese vibe of the game, it’s kind of sad that the latest trailer is in English (but you can dig Youtube for last year’s reveal video in Japanese).

Tchia looks like a very cute game, in which you play the ukelele and can change into cute animals in a “tropical open world adventure”. There seems to be a vague plot about finding a bad guy (is the bad guy really bad? Or just got corrupted like the Earth in Moana?), but overall it seems to be more of a sandbox game. I’m honestly not sure if the target audience here is a younger crowd, or if there is more to it. Either way it looks adorable.

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves collection. This is Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy remastered, coming to PS5 and PC. The games and their stories are great, although I’m wondering if they would have the same emotional impact for someone who would play them without having played the first 3 ones (who have aged, gameplay wise, in my opinion. Even the remastered ones).

Gran Turismo 7 is coming to PS5 in March 2022. The game looks gorgeous with lots of attention to details, as always from this series.

God of War: Ragnarok is coming in 2022. I guess there is no need to introduce the series at this point. Atreus is now a teenager (who rides some sort of celestial animal in battle???). Just watch the trailer already.


Spider-Man 2 coming to PS5 2023

That’s a lot of time to wait, but it was inevitable. Given the success of Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PS4/PS5, Spider-Man 2 is coming. The trailer is taunting Venom as a Villain in the game, while also hinting at Miles Morales as a playable character (can we dream of a co-op mode???)


No release date announced yet for these coming PS5 Games

Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) is getting a remake. It will be a “timed console exclusive” for PS5 and released on PC as well.

Project Eve, a Korean action-adventure game taking place in some cyperbunk~ish sci-fi world.

Insomniac Games are working on a Wolverine game. Very few details on this yet, but people are definitely excited about the recent surge of superhero games.


Want more?

you can watch the full PS5 showcase below: