Sony Adds PS5 Game Trials, How to Bypass Download Trial Start Time

Recently Sony added a Game Trials feature to PlayStation 5 that currently allows those in the PS5 Scene to download trials of Death Stranding: Director’s Cut and Sackboy: A Big Adventure through 11:59pm on October 28th and play them for a limited period of time per title before the trial expires. ⌛

According to, the good news is your progress, save data and trophies carry over should you purchase the full game when the Game Trial expires. :tup:

However, the bad news is the Death Stranding: Director’s Cut trial only offers 6 hours of playtime while the Sackboy: A Big Adventure trial allows just 5 hours of playtime… but wait, it gets worse… the timer starts as soon as you click ‘Download Trial‘ on the PS5 console or ‘Add to Library‘ via the Web-based PlayStation Store. :tdown:

Seriously, Sony?! If it takes 3 hours to download Sackboy, then you actually only get to try it for 2 hours. :noexpression:

:idea: Fortunately shared a PS5 Download Trial Start Time Bypass courtesy of Redditor jsnals, to quote:

1- Make a new Account with Same Region with your main account
2- Click Download Trial on New Account
3- After Download, Go to Main Account and Click on Download Trial
4- Because you downloaded before, you don’t need download again and can play
5- Enjoy

He notes this work-around doesn’t allow you to keep playing trials extending the time limit until you beat the game though:

No, but the trials have a limited time that starts when you hit download game. So if you live in a zone with bad Internet connection, you can avoid wasting almost the full trial time downloading the game.

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