WebKit Heap-Use-After-Free in EventHandler KeyEvent for PS4 / PS5

ut wait, there’s more! Yup, yet another PS4 WebKit / PS5 WebKit vulnerability surfaces… developer @Al Azif summarizes it best on Twitter simply stating, “Add it to the every growing list of webkit exploits that work 7.55+ :LOL:

This time the userland vulnerability is a WebKit: heap-use-after-free in EventHandler::keyEvent as reported by glazunov via Project Zero with NazkyYT supplying the source link alongside a browser test page set up by Zellix67 while crediting on Twitter KameleonRe for the script.

As with the previously tested PS4 Vulnerability and PS5 Vulnerability, in addition to further work being done by an experienced developer a kernel-level exploit (KEX) is also required for jailbreaking… so once again it’s :alert: not advisable :alert: to update neither your PS4 nor PS5 consoles.

Looking forward to great progress in both the PS4Scene and PS5Scene, and cheers to ashrafasansol on Twitter for the screenshot below! 🍻

WebKit Heap-Use-After-Free in EventHandler KeyEvent for PS4 PS5.jpg