PS4 Release: GoldHEN 2.0b

GoldHEN (screenshot from yyoossk)

Alright, yes, we’re way late on this one. It was thanksgiving and we let things drift away a bit, with all the food and stuff…

So, err, yeah, last week, SiSTR0 released the long awaited GoldHEN 2.0b, a Homebrew Enabler for your Jailbroken PS4. The tool’s been made available on most exploit hosts by now, so if you have a Jailbroken PS4 you’ve probably already tried it.

What is GoldHEN for PS4?

Let’s get “what it isn’t” out of the way: this isn’t a new exploit for you folks on 8.x or 9.x. Sorry. This is a utility for people who already have an exploitable PS4, and basically brings all the features you would commonly expect from a Custom Firmware (or in this case, Homebrew ENabler, but for most intents and purposes the functionality is the same between HEN and CFW).


  • Homebrew Enabler
  • Debug Settings
  • VR Support
  • Remote Package Install
  • Rest Mode Support
  • External HDD Support
  • Official External HDD Format Support
  • Debug Trophies Support
  • sys_dynlib_dlsym Patch
  • UART Enabler
  • Never Disable Screenshot
  • Remote Play Enabler
  • FW Update Block
  • FTP Server on 2121 port
  • BinLoader Server on 9090 port
  • CE-30391-6 Error CMOS Fix

⚠️ Warnings

The BinLoader server is in an experimental phase but in any case there are several payloads around, some even not very well done, which can also be harmful and in the best case only crash the console. So use it with caution.
I have tried to work out to support all payloads possible but no guarantees can be given on this. Obviously I do not take any responsibility in case of use of payloads not made by me.



  • Added BinLoader server (beta version)
  • Added UI menu
  • Improved stability and FTP server
  • Fixed trophy timestamps

Download GoldHEN for PS4

If you are self hosting your PS4Jailbreak/exploit package, you’ll want to download the GoldHEN 2.0b payload from the developer’s github here. On the other hand, if you rely on some public host that has all the exploits you need, it’s very likely they already have it.