PS4 Release: MultiTrainer

Developer Shinigami has released PS4 MultiTrainer, an updated version of his Trainer tool for the PS4.

What is PS4 MultiTrainer?

PS4 MultiTrainer is a Trainer loader, it lets you load cheat files into your PS4 games to customize your gaming experience (infinite gold, infinite ammo, infinite health, etc…). It’s part of the PS4 Reaper suite, a tool we’ve mentioned before here.

Multutrainer supports a new cheat format, SHNEXT, created by the developer to support more complex cheats. From the developer:

SHNEXT is a new format that allow a deep control of the game data… it allows aob ([Editor’s note: Array of Bytes])  referencing, live variable editing and more complex stuff.

PS4 MultiTrainer supports various Cheat formats, specifically JSON, MC4, SHN, and the new SHNEXT.


What is new PS4 MultiTrainer?

Since the last time we discussed MultiTrainer, here’s what’s been added:

  • 9.0 support
  • Fix some trainer compatibility
  • Fix Section mapping legacy
  • Add AOB widecard support
  • Allow different CUSA enabling ( use it at your own risk)
  • disable only the invalid patch offset and not all the patch.
  • new UI
  • Fix item dictionary
  • Fix legacy compatibility
  • Fix SHNEXT broken patch
  • Fix MTV ( Multi Target Variable )
  • Fix AOB data Type

Download PS4 MultiTrainer

You can download the latest version of PS4 MultiTrainer on the developer’s github here. Please note that you will need a Jailbroken PS4 in order to run cheats.