OpenTyrian PS4 PKG Homebrew Game Port by Cpasjuste Arrives

Proceeding the initial news of an OpenTyrian Beta PS4 Homebrew Game Port in development, today @Cpasjuste made available via @oneman123 (aka ZiL0G80 on Twitter) an OpenTyrian PS4 PKG Homebrew Game Port for those with a Jailbroken PS4 console to enjoy! 😃

Download: IV0001-OPEN00001_00-OPEN000010000000.pkg (18.9 MB) / GIT / libScePigletv2VSH.sprx (726.77 KB) / libSceShaccVSH.sprx (9.91 MB)

In the Tweets below he states it needs some adjustments but works, noting “as this game use opengl es (sdl2) you probably need libSceShaccVSH.sprx libScePigletv2VSH.sprx on your PS4 installed”

:idea: As covered in the PS4 Guide to Install OrbisDev & How to Use It with OrbisLink and outlined in the Super Mario 64 (SM64) Native Port update, both the required OpenGL module libScePigletv2VSH.sprx and the shader compiler module libSceShaccVSH.sprx can also be found in the common folder of mario64_ps4_kudos_to_osirisx.rar (see SPOILER) or obtained by loading RetroArch R4 and downloading the libraries from the sce_module folder mounted in the sandbox through FTP.

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