PS4: GoldHEN Cheats Manager updated to 0.5.1

GoldHEN Cheats Manager now leaves the beta phase for its first “actual” release, 0.5.1.

What is GoldHEN Cheats Manager for PS4

GoldHEN 2.2 ships with an embedded menu that lets you load cheatcodes for a lot of PS4 games (we covered that release here).

Tools such as Cheats Manager let you keep that list up to date. Install on your Jailbroken PS4, run the tool, hit the “update” button, done!

GoldHEN Cheats manager gets its database of cheatcodes from We’ll have to see how often that repository gets updated with new content.

GoldHEN Cheats Manager 0.5.1 – What’s new

With this new release, Cheats Manager loses the “beta” tag, and add the following:

Download and install GoldHEN Cheats Manager

You can download GoldHEN Cheats Manager from the developer’s github here.

Install on a Jailbroken PS4 running GoldHEN. To use, ensure your PS4 is connected to the internet, and select the “update” button. You should see any new cheat now available in the GoldHEN cheat menu.