PPSSPP emulator v1.14.1 released for Windows PC, MacOS, Linux and Android devices

Released a quick update for PPSSPP , the PSP emulator written entirely in C++ which allows us to emulate PSP games by translating CPU instructions directly into machine code optimized to run on x86, x64 and ARM chips.



The PPSSPP  emulator  is capable of running PSP games on PC in Full HD resolution, and also playing them faithfully on Android, iOS, Blackberry devices and Xbox consoles through UWP.

The update only brings a number of bug fixes that used to show a black screen on older Android devices.


  • Graphics fixes in Burnout Dominator, Kurohyou, Ratchet & Clank, Outrun, Ridge Racer, Spongebob: Yellow Avenger, Cars: Race-o-Rama, Hunter x Hunter and many more.
  • Performance improvements: Killzone now runs at playable speed, Juiced 2 performance fixed, lighting ubershader optimization.
  • Many software renderer improvements, both in terms of performance and accuracy.
  • Brand new VR builds for standalone devices: Quest & Pico thanks to the work of Lubos!
  • Some fixes for input handling, fixes for IR interpreter and much more.
  • Fixed a black screen bug on older Android devices, among other junk. v1.14.1

Download:  PPSSPP v1.14.1

Download: Source code PPSSPP v1.14.1

Source: ppsspp.org